Berk Karaoğlu describes his works based on his mood “I don’t know and cannot do the right word; you have to see them.” Looking at them, you can see that lines go further than words. “I’ve never been one of those people who are always drawing – either for improving myself or relaxing. I believe that what inspires me also helps me develop myself. I believe that I can do better. I’m always researching and experimenting. I think Berlin has done a lot of good for me in this regard – it’s a city that inspires you even as you walk down the street. People create beautiful things. You always feel that you have to do better, but you’re never worn out.” But, most importantly, he feels like himself in Berlin!

“Whoever you are, people respect what you do. It’s a city that’s alive and where you can do anything you’re looking for. There’s this constant excitement; I feel like I wake up to a new adventure with each day.” We cannot help but share this enthusiasm. For him, next comes projects that keep his energy level up and dreams in Copenhagen. Now let’s give the stage to the lines instead of words!

What kind of a chair would you be?

If everything was possible, what would you want?

What do you see in the mirror?

What impresses you the most in this multicultural city?

Your biggest fear?