MusicOctober 9, 2017

Cosmo Pyke is one those who remind us that World is still a beautiful place. He says that he gets inspired by everything in life, hates industrialism and enjoys spending time in pubs and having a quick word with people. This only 18, new graduate is a skater, street artist, and model… and in my opinion, has one the best albums of the year. Yet it is not enough to describe him with these titles, while he is one of the most sussed and mature characters of the music industry.

Coming out from a multicultural neighborhood and punker-mom family, Cosmo grew up in Peckham and went to BRIT School as highschool, like Adele and Amy Winehouse, and began his career with “Social Sites” which he published last year. His songs about his ex-lover and social media’s’ effects on relationships was a major draw for popular publications (Guardian, Independent, i-D, Dazed and Confused), proving he is much more than a pretty-smiling skater boy.

Cosmo has the power of generation Z that he describes it like “Iconic, indulgent, emotional and misunderstood”. Savouring daily life, he also took to solve those who hit the fan as a mission. You can see him in South London with his bike or skateboard, painting the walls of the subway, or smoking and having a beer with his friends; but the thing that makes Cosmo special is inside his mind. Existential-social problems of middle class, the post-Brexit sociological structure of UK, technology-humankind problematic, and music industries making artists become “a product”, are some of his problems and he uses music to explain what he thinks about it.

I’m sitting alone, sipping a latte
Heartache every single time I wake up
The girl got me shake up
Friend wound her waist up on me
Now I found there’s nothing to say…

Following his success with “Social Sites”, the artist released “Just Cosmo” EP on 24 February 2017, and with this work, he got a chance to introduce his powerful vision to the whole world. We can promote “Just Cosmo”, which was one of among i-D music class of 2017, as a work that sincerely examines everyday and social dynamics through soul and jazz rhythms. The album, composed of five songs, draped in a jazz-soul-indie triangle and dolled with witty words and flexible guitar riffs reminiscent of King Krule and Mac DeMarco, made Cosmo Pyke one of the stars of the future and owner of one of the best albums of the year.

Not only auditory, but also keeping the album full from the visual side, Cosmo took us on a South London tour over the eyes of a kid in his video clips shot with analog cameras. The album’s leading work was “Chronic Sunshine”. The track, crowned with a blissful sunshine day, examines Cosmo’s relationship, and in the meantime reflecting Peckham’s’ culture. The video clip is a summary of the album, where he greets the sellers at the marketplace, spins around the streets with his bicycle and smokes in front of the pubs with friends.

Chronic sunshines forever
You know that it don’t really go

I’m getting spat out of 
While you’re cycling home
It’s an ongoing circle
No sights to behold (sights to behold)
Vicious repetitions
While still cycling home

Cosmo thinks that the creative industry is a bloody structure. He has become one of the most exciting names of 2017 by not falling into social media bell glass or shooting sponsored clips. He just wrote his songs combining his sincere and original vision walking around the neighborhood, hanging out at her grandmother’s house. Currently working with 70HZ Recordings, Cosmo will be in the studio in the near future with Grammy award-winning producer Frasier T, and will continue to rise. Whatever the future will bring, Cosmo Pyke, will not be a “product” of the industry. Music lovers should not miss Cosmo and his social standing, character, and music.

Author: Based Istanbul