DJs… We all know them, we all hear about them; those people that make our heart race with tunes which make one’s mood go from “I’d rather stay in and read a book” to “Let’s partay!” (with an a, yes.) Introducing one of our personal favorites, Kaan Dedeoğlu.

Let’s talk about this DJing business; playing at parties with a short guest list, spending weekends outside until wee hours of the day… Is it really the life of the party?

To be honest, I’m not someone who is a party hopper. Although we all do that at certain times in our lives, I don’t think it’s a necessity for a DJ. Of course staying at home and listening to music, only going out once in a while is also not enough. you have to go out and listen to different people and sounds to discover new things; it’s a question of being able to get inspired from good places.

You are also a software developer. How do you transition to parties or clubs from a job which we assume entails quiet and alone time, and a whole lot of concentration?

It’s not that different from other people who work. You finish your job, get ready, and go out. I actually think developing software and making music are similar. Both sectors require minimum rules and as long as you stick to those, you are completely free in what you do.

What is that song you like playing the most nowadays?

Munk – The Bolero Bunuel (Red Axes Remix)

If you were to invent an application about music, what would it do?

I’d like for it to be something like Spotify, but where anyone can create live radio stations and broadcasts. That way, someone could listen to what I was listening to while I was working, or when I am bored, I can listen to what my friends are listening to when I get bored of my own stuff.

Which album would be the perfect Istanbul soundtrack?

Nosaj Thing – Drift. It’s an album which you wouldn’t think of liking, filled with oddities that are beautiful.

How is your set-creation process? Which song do you usually start off with?

I am constantly after finding songs. When I feel like I have enough, I put aside 15-20 songs that I think are special. An hour long set usually has 10-11 songs. Before recording, I freestyle and try different things. When I feel like I have the harmony right, I decide on an order and start recording.

Help us out; where can we go where there is good music that makes you sway from side to side but not rage, a place where you can have a decent conversation without it being overcrowded?

Minimüzikhol is my favorite with it’s music and crowd. Gizli Bahçe in Nevizade also has a unique characteristic.

How are you with technology?

It’s pretty good, as you can imagine. I am more interested in where technology is going rather that the newest gadgets. I think that artificial intelligence will be find within 10-20 years and will change the world within 3-5 years after that to a point where its unrecognizable.

Your favorite cartoon character?


A question that you are dying to know the answer of?

When will we be able to do paid military service?