Iconic British brand Marks & Spencer goes on a timeless journey of style with its new brand ambassador Ahu Yağtu where her vintage style meets the brand’s timeless lines. This partnership, which will redefine a time-defying style, past values and the modern woman of our times, invites everyone to live better.

As we present an innovative style with hints from the past in the multi-layered collections by Marks & Spencer which cater to women of all ages in a manner that goes beyond the linear concept of time, we will also re-explore a style with Ahu Yağtu that focuses on living better.

Ahu defines living better as “being in the moment” and continues,
“It means staying in the joy of this moment without traveling to the past or the future in your mind. It’s about keeping our awareness in life at a high level, specifying our priorities and goals, enjoying the moment, being grateful, and fully embracing the beauties of life. It’s about finding a balance!”

She also believes that style is directly related to knowing yourself. “You cannot have a style without having a specific vision or a taste.” However, she doesn’t deny that, in the dynamic times we live, comfort dominates over formulizing a unique style through taste and observation. She describes our current fashion style by saying, “In today’s fashion, we frequently see stylized comfortable and trendy pieces. Though she wishes to prioritize comfort, the modern woman doesn’t want to compromise on her style either.” We’re curious to learn how Ahu Yağtu describes timelessness, the favorite adjective of the fashion scene. “Timelessness has been my motto in creating a personal style for years. I strive to create my own style by using vintage or timeless pieces. I follow trends but it makes me feel like a sheep to implement them in an identical way. When I’m buying something, I try to think how I can combine it with other pieces in my wardrobe.” Ahu Yağtu has developed a formula for this as well. “If it fits with more than five combinations, then it’s a timeless piece.” We ask her how a piece becomes vintage, and she says, “It’s enough for the piece to be a decade old. The pieces that date as far back as to the 1910s are called vintage, and the ones that go even before that are antiques.” With this definition, we get rid of all the terminology mistakenly used in fashion.

Ahu Yağtu’s style which focuses on living life with higher awareness crosses paths with Marks & Spencer’s design journey of over 100 years that preserves cult fashion pieces. Unlike what people may guess, Ahu enjoy shopping based on necessity. Since her style is dominated by vintage pieces, she usually prefers basic pieces in her combinations. “That’s why I always choose Marks & Spencer products that both follow current trends and are timeless.”

Emphasizing that Marks & Spencer Collections present timeless pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe and modern designs that reflect current trends in a perfect harmony, Ahu Yağtu will share her style tips and recommendations about Marks & Spencer in the new season.