Bünyamin Aydın proves how you can remove the boundaries by taking the right steps with discipline and creativity. In each step, he emphasizes that creating and authenticity are the two sources of motivation in his life. He knows what he wants and works so hard to attain it that it’s inevitable he’s the creator of a brand that spirals upwards. When you don’t regard work as an obligation, then success definitely follows. Listen to what Bünyamin has to say!

As a reflection of your life, Les Benjamins is a clash of Eastern and Western cultures. How do you describe this polyphony?

The brand’s creative vision and design aesthetic is a reflection of who I am. I love discovering cultures and exposing them to the world. By doing this I learn and teach others. If you are open to listen, you will only enlarge your vision and become a global citizen of the world.

You have a very close relationship with technology. How is this reflected in your design process?

It’s true that I love technology and it’s a big part of my life. However, I am also pretty analogue when it comes to my lifestyle. I use my analogue cameras quite frequently like my vintage Leica M7, Yashica T5 and Contax T2. Apart from that I also collect vinyl. I’m shifting between analog and digital and that contrast really inspires me as a designer and artist.

”My brain never stops thinking about work.”

Though it started focusing on men, Les Benjamins has always been a favorite among women. Looking at your last collection, we see that you’ve included some more daring pieces for women. What directed you to making an innovation in this aspect?

I always wanted to discover my take one womenswear. Actually, the women designs have picked up lots of interest by celebrity stylists and retailers on a global level. I feel that it can surpass the menswear very soon. The woman is very confident and is not afraid to be different. She is very feminine but yet deep in the heart a tomboy.

Les Benjamins is a brand that focuses on storytelling. How do you maintain an improvement in this field?

Just through being true to yourself. If you don’t get inspired by a story you can’t tell a story. Nowadays, it’s all about being who you are. Don’t fake it. Be it.

Your design overcomes boundaries. After France and Milan, Les Benjamins is embraced by the Far East now. Can you tell us about your inner dynamics? How do you maintain this constant evolution?

I can tell you it’s lots of dedication and hard work over these 7 years. Les Benjamins grows at a rapid speed and we have over 25 team members and aim to be 30 people by the end of this year. The main factor of the evolution of the brand is that I’m not afraid of change. My brain never stops thinking about work and I do work on weekends. Holidays are unknown to me.

Can you describe us what “street style” means to you in a few words?

Kicks, sweatpants and track jacket. Being authentic. Don’t pretend.

Is there a special way you use to keep up with the fast tempo in fashion?

I don’t follow fashion. I go my way. However, I’m a big sneaker head.

How do you spend an ordinary day?

I wake up at 7 am and go to work around 9 am. I work until 7-8 pm. Lately, I sleep early around 10 pm, which helps me get a good rest for the next day. I work out three days of the week, two of which are golfing.

What’s next for you?

Paris Fashion Week in June, New York Fashion Week in July. Flagship store opening in Nişantaşı this summer, and more…

Photography by BURCU KARADEMİR