Looking Back at the ‘80s with Passion!

FashionJune 23, 2018
Looking Back at the ‘80s with Passion!

We love people who can turn their passion into a profession. This is how we met Nicole. When we ask her about how Valenti came to be, she’s as straightforward as to reply by saying, ““I am a very ambitious and stubborn person! I am young and I really want to do something that excites me!” We catch her working on Valenti’s SS19 collection. As her first collection that reinterprets the ‘80s in a unique way becomes one of our favorites, we insist you meet its creator, Nicole.

You have a strong connection with the ‘80s. Where does this passion come from?

I have always loved the ’80s and the glamour that characterized it. Valenti is inspired by my family and all my ideals of women and men. A great help was the old videos and photos of my parents, my uncles and my grandparents! Even the comedies of the ‘80s and its music were a strong inspiration.

What’s your favorite thing about the ‘80s?

About the ‘80s… I love the charm and opulence of those years. The fluffy hair, the Cindy Crawford and the top models… The fashion was more beautiful, the catwalks were a stage on which the models entertained and interacted with the public.

”About the ‘80s… I love the charm and opulence of those years.”

You combine unusual fabrics with the ‘80s style. How is your creative process?

During my three years of study at Marangoni, my way of seeing fashion has always been about combining unconventional fabrics with various silhouettes. My idea is to revisit the ‘80s with newer fabrics, to experiment in bringing back those silhouettes but in a modern way.

Is Valenti going to be a brand that bears traces of the ‘80s in every collection or is this a preference exclusive to its first collection?

I love the ’80s, there will always be a track, but in any case, Valenti will evolve always grow!

Your muse?

I have many muses… Cindy Crawford, Gia Carangi, many Italian singers like Marcella Bella, Donatella Rettore, Sophia Loren, Monica Vitti!

A movie?

“Le finte Bionde” is a 1989 Italian film directed by Carlo Vanzina.

A book?

“L’altra verità. Diario di una diversa” a book by Alda Merini. She was an Italian poet, aphorist and writer.

An essential piece from your wardrobe?

My vintage Levis 501 light blue.

If you had only one pair of shoes…

“Tabi” ankle boot by Maison Martin Margiela.

What’s the lock screen on your phone?

Valenti’s photo of the look of sequins with red apples.

What’s the word you use the most?

One of the words I use the most is “PAZZESCO” to define something really beautiful that strikes me a lot, or something really absurd!

Interview: Duygu Bengi
Photographer: Marcello Arena
Styling & Consulting: Riccardo Maria Chiacchio
 Grooming: Giulia Cortorillo
Model: Martina dalla Mora
Author: Duygu Bengi