Cramped cities, crowded streets and noisy public transportation – we see overflow and chaos everywhere we look in big cities. Though we enjoy this most of the time, it’s not that possible to live in this cycle without creating our own escape zones. Thus, we always grow closer to plain and innovative art, which makes the complexity of life a bit more bearable. So, it was inevitable for us to turn our eyes towards Spain to find Diego Cabezas. Meet Cabezas who makes unique sculptures out of patterns in Barcelona, all in plain harmony.

How would you introduce yourself?

I´m a regular guy that likes to do art.

We learned that you’re from A Coruña. How do the places you live influence your art?

Everything in life influences all the things we do. In Galicia, there is a lot of good painters and that inspired me a lot for doing things. Now that I live in Barcelona and the weather is better, I feel more inspirited. This light we have here puts me in a good mood to work but also in a relaxed way.

Does your childhood have an effect on your art? When were you most prolific and why?

In my childhood, I liked a lot doing things with my hands but the environment in my family or the town was the opposite of an artistic appreciation. Nobody encouraged me to keep doing or practicing. The general thought that surrounded me was that art was a useless thing. My most prolific time is now maybe because I have a lot of experience of how to do things. Also, the public is having a very good response to my work, which inspires me a lot to keep going.

Would you like to live in a different country some day?

Yes, why not? I’m quite adventurous.

How do you interpret the audience’s reaction to your works?

Great, I always think that an artist needs audience. There is a dialogue there that helps me to evolve.

How does time pass for you, considering the creative process? Do you have any tips to keep up with the dynamics of life?

I am always inspired. My life is embedded in doing art all day, every day – that is the way. Having fun and stay healthy are important for that.

Are you open to changes?

Always, that is the key of evolving.

You actively use Instagram. How would you describe its (dis)advantages?

No disadvantages for now. I’m pretty enthusiastic about this social media, it allows me to show the work and keep contact with people, it helps me a lot.

Where do you enjoy seeing your works most?

Everywhere, but the best is to see the people happy with my work at their home. That makes sense to all the effort I put on it.

You once said that your works have become plainer and more feminine in years. How do you differentiate between masculine and feminine lines?

Well, there is no big difference. It was just a way to say that I´m going into a more delicate aesthetic but it doesn´t mean necessary feminine.

What is the feeling you wish to arouse in someone who examines your statues?

I wish the people would get inspired or surprised in good way.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind a series?

There is no creative process, I´m just drawing and sculpting all the time. I don´t think about it I just do.

Let’s talk a bit about technique. Why metal?

I do metal but also work with wood, ceramic, paper and canvas. The material doesn´t matter. What’s important is the idea and how you do it. It is true that metal allows me to draw in the air and that seduced me a lot in the past. Now I keep doing it and the possibilities are infinite.

We liken your statues to patterns. How do you see the relationship between painting and sculpture?

Painting is like doing an imaginary world. In sculpture, that imaginary world becomes reality.

What should we be excited about regarding your future works?

Hmm, I have no plans for the future. Maybe more paintings and ceramics but for sure more metal pieces.