Seda has a magical side to her. I’m not sure whether it lies behind her deep gazes or that she’s not afraid of her laughter, but the energy of this woman, whom our television series took to distant and cold parts, is so strong that it could blow your mind! What am I talking about? Continue to read.

What led you into acting?

I started acting with the movie “Yazı Tura”, written and directed by Uğur Yücel, and casting direction by my manager since day one, Renda Güner. I was lucky to be in a movie that had a good actor as a director. In my last day of shoots, I told myself this is where I want to be. I fell in love with this profession. I worked with love ever since. Acting offered me a broader perspective on life. It helped me feel the depth of life and see the details. It made me even more human. I’m grateful for my profession.

When you look at the characters you played until today, are there any you chose with concerns on sustaining your life? There’s always a concern for sustaining your life. In the end, this is my job, but I never agreed on a project that I didn’t want to play in just for this reason.

Ceket ve Pantolon / Jacket and Pants: Alexander Mqueen / Harvey Nicholas, Çorap / Leggings: Wolford,Madalyon ve Küpeler / Locket and Earrings: Louis Vuitton, Zincirler ve Yüzükler / Chain and Rings: Kısmet by Milka, Ayakkabı / Shoes: Christian Louboutin
How does being on television make you feel as an individual?

I feel like a kid in the beginning of every project. When I watch myself I get a little scared, a little shy and very much nervous.

Do you think that people have the right to talk about the lives of actors and actresses because they’re on television? Everyone certainly has an opinion, a comment, or something to say, good or bad, for anyone in the limelight. It’s because curiosity factors in. I don’t think that this is a right, it exists in the natural flow of our lives!

What does it mean to be beautiful for you?

Pure physical beauty doesn’t mean anything to me on it’s own. I think that’s genetic luck. But the beauty that rises from the combination of the mind and intelligence, goodness of your heart and soul, and talent and success, even hides the existing flaws. This is what I understand from being beautiful!

Names you enjoy watching these days?

I watched “The Young Pope” recently. I felt great pleasure in watching Jude Law’s performance. I was amazed by the shifts of emotion and it’s simplicity. Also in the show, Silvio Orlado and Javier Camara’s performances were great as well.

Kaban / Coat: Özgür Masur, Gözlük / Sunglasses: Max Mara / Safilo Group, Mayo / Swimsuit: Eres, Çanta / Bag: Louis Vuitton Pantolon / Pants: Alexander Mqueen / Harvey Nicholas, Madalyon ve Küpeler / Locket and Earrings: Louis Vuitton, Zincirler ve Yüzükler / Chain and Rings: Kısmet by Milka
We know that you started taking photographs. Do you consider it to be a tool in facing different lives like acting? When the individual is an actress at core, does that side take over in anything the individual does, can you tell us a little about it?

It does take over, unavoidably. I’m obsessed with people when taking photographs. Anything that has to do with humans interest me. Perhaps that’s where my interest in portraiture lies. Witnessing faces unfamiliar to me, seeing different things on different faces; tears of some, love of some, hatred of some… You basically see everything that make us who we are, whatever is human. The moment you witnessed gets stuck in your head and you never let go of these moments. It helped a lot in terms of my profession.

Bits and Pieces…

In what period of television or cinema would you have wanted to be in?

In a period when it’s free enough.

The best advice you hear?

Don’t give up on yourself no matter what.

A question you don’t like hearing?

I don’t know, never thought about it.

Can we say you’re brave?


Do you think about the future a lot?

At times yes, and others no.

A question on acting you’re tired of hearing?

“Are you like the character you’re playing?”

Üst / Top: Alexander Mqueen / Harvey Nicholas, Elbise / Dress: Alexander Wang / Beymen, Korse / Corset: Editor’s Own
Fotoğraf / Photography: Fora Norman
Moda Editörü / Fashion Editor: Burak Sanuk
Saç / Hair: Mehmet Menteş
Makyaj / Makeup: Ömer Faruk Dinç