Sometimes it is inevitable to feel as if you are disappearing in the crowds of Istanbul. The tempo of the city, the style of the streets, the sounds rising from the city; all of them are a part of Istanbul. Beymen Club invites you to immerse yourself in the flow of the city this season. Hande Taşer, one of those who finds herself getting lost in the city, told us about her style and the energy of the city.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion for me is more about making art than a commercial sector. This includes the education I received and my current profession. It is my comfort zone where I enjoy and express myself comfortably.

How would you describe your personal style?

Colors are what always attract and excite me the most. I can say that capturing the harmony of colors, patterns and textures within themselves creates my perception of style.

I don’t have a style that is shaped by trends, so I don’t think my fashion perception has fundamentally changed.

How does it make you feel to be on the street?

Actually, I am someone who likes to be at home rather than on the street. But every time I spend enjoyable and delicious gives me energy for the next day.

What happens when you immerse yourself in the rhythm of the city?

Istanbul is always very attractive and it is unpredictable. So you can never know what will happen.

Background music of Istanbul for you?

Kid Francescoli – This Insatiable Love 

Your favorite piece from Beymen Club’s new season?

A well-known misconception about Istanbul?

We believe that the city is over, but it is impossible for the colors of Istanbul to end.

A movie that best describes Istanbul?

Sevmek Zamanı

How does fashion complement you to express yourself?

For me, aesthetically, everything is a whole. My own colors, my house, what I wear, what I like are the things that complement me.

How do you increase your motivation?

Increasing my motivation is not always easy, but being at home with my cat and dog and watching a good movie is always good for me.

What has changed since the early days when design, fashion and styling started to be a topic in your life? What kind of effort do you make to keep your fashion perception up to date?

Now, for all of us, the current of trends flows through social media, so I can keep myself up to date. I don’t have a style that is shaped by trends, so I don’t think my fashion perception has fundamentally changed.

Creative Direction by Duygu Bengi⁠
Fashion Director Burak Sanuk
Interview by Yağmur Yıldız⁠
Photography by Yağız Yeşilkaya
Fashion Editor Yağmur Kural
Creative Team Murat Kıvık, Öykü Önen