Francesca Allen is reminiscent of London and the new generation of photographers changing the scope of this city. Her photos have a fragility and hopefulness of female friendship & adolescence, showing the intimacy of love, “Surely these are the most beautiful moments of life (so far). My photos are a documentation of my own adolescence and they move with me.” Francesca Allen’s GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! was the defining moment in her works, having spanned over five years. She would like to continue with this series, but as Allen describes, “It’s moving in a different direction. I’m older now so it’s harder for me to make work about young people.” She has a cute studio and apartment in North London and takes photos almost every day now, mainly of her friends, girls that she finds interesting, along with the fashion and music industry. What does Francesca want to say the most with the photos she takes? “I think my work is really positive in its outlook and isn’t saying that much at all – its just saying that having fun is great and that’s what I want everyone to feel from it! I don’t really make conceptual work and I think that’s why people can relate to it so much. I want my work to feel overwhelmingly positive.”