PeopleDecember 1, 2015

From a hand-sewn Couture dress to shoe ties, you can make a sartorial statement with your choice of fashion items. The gals of Rumisu, as we like to call them, illustrate the most professionally child-like drawings that adorn scarves elevating your outlook within one motion: wrapping it around any part of your body.

How would Rumisu be without Deniz/ Pınar?
Pınar: It couldn’t be, I would probably still be in the planning process, instead of products there would be a lot of nice wishes.
Deniz: Grumpy and crippled.

What do you quarrel about the most?
Pınar: Timing… For me first comes the profiterole, then the spinach; for it’s the other way around.
Deniz: Quarrelling is an expertise of mine (I’m not proud of it, it’s a confession). Therefore, we don’t actually quarrel, I quarrel with myself, with Pınar, and with everything that isn’t going right at that moment.

Who is the first artist that comes to your mind when you hear the word illustration?
Pınar: Oliver Jeffers.
Deniz: Maira Kalman.

How does a day go by in Rumisu office?
Pınar: Hours pass like split seconds, we don’t understand how the day finishes this fast. We might be working in an Interstellar time machine.
Deniz: It depends on the period; it’s more fun and exciting when we’re doing the designs and deciding on color variants; however when we’re working on excel files, bills, bills of lading etc. – which are not so romantic or creative – a more serious environment form. But we have two dogs and a cat as colleagues, which is a substantial bonus.

What was the most different way that your scarves have been used so far?
Pınar: In a frame on a dark colored wall among other frames, and I really liked it.
Deniz: I’ve seen one tied on all corners used as an elegant purse.

What would cause Deniz / Pınar to get distracted from work?
Pınar: If there is a project that needs to be finished, nothing. This includes natural disasters such as fire, floods, volcano eruptions etc.
Deniz: Anything… (So actually we can add this one to the issues we quarrel about…)

A book that you like more and more each time you read it?
Pınar: Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”, and also Julia Camerin’s “The Artist’s Way.”
Deniz: Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ “Women Who Run With the Wolves”. It’s a theraputic book to read from time to time…

If Rumisu was a “coffee table book” who would you pick to write the introduction?
Pınar: We could give this honor to Alain de Botton.
Deniz: Lena Dunham.

A song that would inspire you no matter what mood you’re in?
Pınar: Gershwin’s Sumertime.
Deniz: Peter Sarstedt’s Where Do You Go To (My Lovely).

The moment you looked at one other and said “We are successful at this”?
Pınar: I guess that moment hasn’t arrived yet, but through the motivation that comes with positive reactions we get, we continue to climb Mt. Everest.
Deniz: With the reactions and comments we get on fairs we can say “we are on the right track” but “we are very successful at this” is not a sentence we wuld use.

The city that inspires you the most?
Pınar: My inspirations generally come from books, fairytales and mythologies. But my favorite city is my home Istanbul, and then Boston where I lived for a long time.
Deniz: It varies… For example although it’s not a city, our visit to Tanzania last summer gave birth to Rumisu’s Summer 2016 Collection. It’s almost impossible not to be inspired by exotic destinations anyway, but if we talk about metrolopolitan cities, I’d say Copenhag or Berlin…

Can you draw a simple illustration of Deniz / Pınar?

(Pınar’s illustration of Deniz)

(Deniz’ illustration of Pınar) 

Author: Duygu Bengi