Those who work to make their dreams come true are always exciting! Ferhat and Mustafa are cheered for their courage and designs with their new brand Hyperfolk in which they’ve realized their fashion perspective. If you still haven’t met Hyperfolk, let us introduce you…

The idea of “creating a T-shirt brand” becomes more popular every day. How do you differentiate from others?

Ferhat:  We only came out with the desire to design what we like to wear and cannot find. When we brought our expectations together, what was born is a collection which can be worn without risk and recognized with its quality of textile and stitching… and all these elements created their own natural signature.

Mustafa: Hyperfolk emerged with two people who noticed each other through their styles. We began by designing the t-shirts we wanted to wear. We approach those individuals who share our needs and would carry designs of our taste, as “hyper-folks”. We want to be the brand for different and assertive people who would like to give life to designs that reflect their lifestyle.

What is essential in your production process?

F: For us, Hyperfolk began as an experience to create the perfect t-shirt. That’s why our quality of textile and stitching is very important. It has to be sewn well, has to have a good shape, and it should exhibit all these details in black and white.

M: Our aim is to design products which address those who have active lifestyles and feel special as well as comfortable when they wear these products.


What was the first design in your mind?

F: A design where the front and the back is the same, reaching down to the knee; which we call a “cloak.” I believe this piece reflects the unisex concept, it’s a plain but recognizable model so when a woman sees it on a man, she would day “Yes! That’s what I want.”

M: This model which we call “cloak” was the starting point when we realized our designs. This model looks discretely crazy on both women and men, it is especially my favorite to use in festivals and night life.

How does popular culture influence your designs?

F: Popular culture brought us together, that’s all I can say… I Mustafa at a party in Suma Beach. We both like music and dancing till the morning. When we were creating the brand, we constantly imagined the moments when people got in touch with it. Festivals, concerts, parties… For Hyperfolk, we are drawing a world that belongs in popular culture but also has its own personality.

M: Music makes our life meaningful. In our designs, we tried to reflect the points of communication to music. We began this journey with the desire for our products to be a flag of happiness for this hyperfolk who dance wholeheartedly.

How do you feel when you see Hyperfolk on someone?

F: Even though I’m used to seeing my first brand, Özgür Masur designs on other people, when I see someone wearing Hyperfolk, I feel a new, different excitement… Actually this brings me back to those time when we established Özgür Masur. I feel like I caught that amateur enthusiasm again.

M: The idea of reaching out to people who share our lifestyle with this design, always motivated us. And in these days, it’s very delightful that our ideas come to life and get credit thanks to the support and sacrifices of our partners.

A life lesson you can share with those who want to establish their own brand?

F: I say take risks for everything you believe in…

M: As someone who decided to transfer to fashion from another sector, I advise they focus on their tastes and ideas which they are confident with and choose their career accordingly. They should utilize the opportunities coming their way and don’t loose time in jobs that they don’t see fit for themselves.

A clue for the next collection?

F: The first collection presented Hyperfolk’s identity, now you get to meet it.

M: More hyper, more black, more exciting!