Kaan Düzart

PeopleJune 1, 2016
Kaan Düzart

Attending Boiler Room Istanbul and leaving his mark on the event last year, Kaan Düzarat is a name that we hear of quite often. We talked with Düzarat, a name that instantly pops up when music is mentioned in Istanbul, about many things from his favorite places to what musics he listens to.

What can we find at Analog Kültür? What kind of vinyls do you bring there?

Analog Kültür is both a record store and my music studio. We collaborate with Pikaphane to recycle amplifiers, speakers and vinyls from the 70’s and 80’s and try to offer quality sound to the audience.

In our store, it’s possible to find Turkish LPs and 45’s, Afro-jazz, bossa-nova, funk, soul, 90’s and 2000’s house music, Detroit techno, house, motown, and Middle Eastern music from the 70’s and later. 80% of vinyls are second hand but we try to have newly released vinyls too. Especially in the last 2-3 years, new music bands in Turkey struggle to print at least 200-300 copies  and distribute it themselves. You would definitely see these kinds of albums on the shelves.

Your record company is called “Vesvese.” How did you choose this name?

Vesvese was born in 2010 in our “Salı Sallanır” party which was organized in Küçük Otto for 150 weeks almost every Tuesday. Dearest Ali Kuru found the name. He listened to a piece I made and said “Çok vesveseli olmuş.” We often used this term among ourselves for weird, broken, extraordinary songs. Thus, it suddenly became the name of the label. Vesvese has created a roof where we share songs, podcasts and host artists.

Last year, you were one of the five names who played in Boiler Room Istanbul. And the first Boiler Room event even took place in Analog Kültür. How did this progress?

When Boiler Room first came to Istanbul in 2014, Analog Kültür was about to open. We suggested they use it as the event’s venue and they accepted. The place also fits the meaning of Boiler Room. It’s a bit underground.

One year later, I had an idea to broadcast from a roomy boat tour on the Bosphorus and I told this to the Boiler Room crew. They were really interested and Boiler Room came to Istanbul for the second time. This one especially got so much attention from media. One of the most common questions was “Why don’t you feature international stars?” there is nothing more natural than having Turkish musicians at a Boiler event in Istanbul. All the musicians who played were people we enjoyed playing with. Of course there are many other names we would like to see make appearances. We’re talk about doing it again in 2017.


Your favorite place to play in Istanbul?

It’s difficult to give one name, it changes from time to time. It was Crystal in 2005-2007. It was the first place I played professionally in Istanbul, I used to play warm-up sets in its “Together” parties. Because I played quite early, my audience was mostly the bartenders. But I could play as freely as I wanted to. Good warm-up is necessary. You need to get the place ready gradually.

Secondly, I can say Sürmeli Oteli Godet. I guess it was around 2007. I experienced many nice things that I can’t recall. I loved  “Salı Sallanır” nights in Küçük Otto around 2009-2012. Also Nicholas Jaar came to Salı Sallanır for the first time in 2009. It was an incredible night.

Since 2011, Minimüzikhol is like our home. It’s still one of my favorite clubs and I am glad and proud to be a part of it. It’s very special for me to share the cabin with Vesvese Thurday parties and Acid Pauli from Moodymann.

1888 in Izmir is a place I excitedly go for and built great friendships in the last 5 years. Thanks to them, I feel like a local in Izmir.

Where do you go when you’re out?

I don’t like to go out if I’m not playing. You generally see me in clubs if I’m DJing. Other than that, I go out when there’s a concert I’ve been waiting for.

Your favorite festival?

Radar Live of Dinamo which was organized in 2006 and 2007 has a special place for me. Dinamo was like a school for me. I can say that I developed myself a lot about my current music and organization. Also last year, Güzel Bir Gün by Minimüzikhol and Nublu in Küçükçiftlik Park was fun. It was very successful for a festival’s first year.

Can you tell us someone who just released and is a must-to-follow?

Yussef Kamaal, Fatima Yamaha, Mehmet Aslan, Kerem Akdağ, Kurt Adam, Marenberg Kollektiv, Catching Flies, Carrot Green, Oceanvs Orientalis.

Is there an unforgettable performance for you?

I forgot which one.

You’ve taken the stage in various places during your career, which are your favorite cities?

Sao Paulo, Tanger, Tokyo.


Author: Duygu Bengi