It’s impossible to ignore the power of Instagram; one minute you are looking at inspirational art pieces from galleries, the next minute you are somewhat stalking a Turkish girl who you find out is a lawyer, but looks like someone who has the reigns for styling. We were more than intrigued to get to know Duygu.

How much coffee do you consume in a day?
If you asked this question 6 months ago, I’d say “more than enough”; but with a radical decision, I quit coffee 6 months ago. So, zero. Instead I consume Rooibos tea two or three times a day.

f you had to describe yourself with three words…
Talkative, child-like, complicated.

Which is a song you listen to the most right now?
Annabel Jones-Magnetic (AObeats Remix)

What was your worst grade in university?
F. I failed so many times in Procedural Law, it was the last class and final I had to take.

The first time that the idea of being a lawyer occurred to you?
It must have been the 2nd year of high school. In school, they organized a project called ’Shadowing’ where you would spend a day observing a person from the profession of your choice. I guess I was affected by everyone telling me ‘you would be a good lawyer’ because I liked talking, so I chose
to spend the day next to a lawyer without really taking it too seriously. The lawyer I was observing took me into a criminal court trial. I remember how excited I was. I guess there, I realized how sacred the job was for the first time.

The biggest advantage of being a lawyer in your everyday life?
Even though I’m a lawyer who took her license in July, I’m not conducting my profession now. But if someone asks about my occupation right now I say ‘I am a lawyer’. The respect that this word generally arouses on the other person is, I guess, the biggest advantage of being a lawyer in my everyday life. Also we might not realize it, but there are so many unlawful doings happening every day, since my graduation I object to them.

What do you pay attention to the most when you post photos on Instagram?
It’s enough for me to think that it’s pretty. I don’t strive for all the images to be in harmony or that they address certain aesthetics, I just make sure nothing stands out of place.

Instagram accounts that you follow the most?
le21eme, intothegloss, thecoveteur, id_magazine, dazed, anothermagazine, yoncakarakas, meetcreativepeople, fuckingcoolthings.

The sites you look at when you want inspiration about fashion?
Manrepeller, Styledumonde, The Sartorialist, also I can always find inspiration on Tumblr.

A film you would watch on a warm Sunday evening lying under your blanket?
Any films of Studio Ghibli. Especially “Howl’s Moving Castle” is the definition of ‘a film for sipping tea under your blanket’ for me.