Time passes by… Dreams, goals, excitements; they also pass by. Sometimes, they take life of their own and surpass time. Where life begins and ends is a question, however I think of people around us that “cross the line,” that maintain their excitement… 5 people are taking the stage right now; Beste, Hakan, Ecem, Gözde and Cihan…

Whether it’s their excitement, energy or sincerity that we liked, the one thing I know is that they are after their goals, just like us. Maybe that’s why we’re so close, who knows?


With Joaquim by Oscar & The Wolf continually playing in her head, it’s hard to define the energy Ecem exudes. She defines her goal in life as being “Completely at peace with myself,” although we believe that she is already there. She says “Film has always had a big part in my life. It was one of the main things that shaped me. To be a part of something that has been so important to me since childhood really excites me.” Regardless, we are still excited to see her on stage.

Tulum / Jumper: FENDI, Ayakkabı / Shoes: MARNI / BEYMEN








Kazak / Jumper: BRANDWHO, Pantolon / Pants: HERMES, Ayakkabı / Shoes: ALBERTO GUARDIANI


Full Look: HAKAAN YILDIRIM, Terlik / Slippers: FENDI6L9A2535

Full Look: HAKAAN YILDIRIM, Terlik / Slippers: FENDI




If being on stage represents pushing your limits, Cihan achieved that by wearing the red shoes he first despised, which then began to grow on him. To him, being an actor means “Getting renewed every day, playing different characters; hence, discovering.” He is sure that being on stage requires a lot of work, and he is ready for it. If you were next to him while getting these answers, you would hear him hum along to Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys. Maybe one day, he’ll be singing it as part of a Broadway show exactly on this stage…

Yüzük / Ring: CARTIER, Elbise / Dress: HEKAYAT


[Playing Lonely Boy by the Black Keys]
Gömlek / Shirt: DICE KAYEK


Beste is courageous enough to relentlessly underline that she doesn’t believe in rules. She has already realized that acting is about finding yourself first… She says “Focus on your own spiritual path because you’ll need freedom and candidness the most.” She steps on stage and starts dreaming under the lights… “I’m on Zorlu’s stage. My hair has grown… I have a long, simple tulle dress. Sigur Ros is playing Festival, I’m dancing. I’m in a trance, and people are aware of it. For once, they are out of the box. They don’t know what they’re thinking. Their hearts begin to open like a lotus flower. All of a sudden when the song hits a high point (which is an unbelievable part of that song), I open my arms and thousands of white dandelions fly towards the audience…” There is no need for us to define Beste any further…

Kazak / Jumper & Pantolon / Pants: PRADA






Elbise / Dress: Dice Kayek, Ayakkabı / Shoes: Beymen Collection


Hakan loves his job enough to challenge all his worries with his acting, which is why he is rid of all fears on this huge stage. He defines acting as “the mixture of animal instincts and humane modernity,” an intersection where the freedom of his emotions and relief of his dreams meet. He says “I’d love to present stories and characters that haven’t been discovered by other people around the world.” To him, being on stage means “Living the ‘now’ to the max in between a moment previous and after in time.”


We love Gözde’s art as much as her acting. We are moved between her half-downcast, confident character who searches for her true self in her paintings and the upbeat gal that is on screen. If you ask Gözde, she has one favorite when it comes to women and actress: Tilda Swinton. She defines acting which she started at an early age as “Something like magic… An art of transfroming, a way of expressing yourself.” “Acting is very dynamic; it it can capture you as much as you can capture it. You have to develop at all times.” “Loving this profession once again.” on a stage like that, she dozes off to dreaming of playing her own character one day…

soldan sağa / from left to right Full Look: MIU MIU, Full Look: DICE KAYEK, T-shirt: HERMES, Pantolon / Pants: TOM FORD, Kürk Ceket / Fur Jacket: FEE, Pantolon / Pants: LES BENJAMINS, Takım / Suit: SAINT LAURENT, T-shirt: SANDRO, Ayakkabı / Shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Maskeler / Masks: Elif Domaniç / FLESH


soldan sağa/ left to right: Takım / Suit: SAINT LAURENT / BEYMEN, Ayakkabı / Shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, T-shirt: HERMES, Pantolon / Pants: TOM FORD / HARVEY NICHOLS, Ayakkabı / Shoes: ALBERTO GUARDIANI




[Playing Lonely Voodoo in My Blood by Massive Attack]


Full Look: PRADA, Mum / Candle: MOM Candles / Flesh

Yazı / Text By: DUYGU BENGİ
Fotoğraf / Photography: ZEYNEP ÖZKANCA
Moda Edi̇törü / Fashion Editor: BURAK SANUK

Saç & Makyaj / Hair & Make-up: ÖNDER TİRYAKİ
Fotoğraf Asistanları / Photograhy Asistants: FORA NORMAN, MELİKE MÜGE ŞAHİM
Styling Asistanları / Styling Asistants: ZUHAL ÇİZMECİ, DAMLA EFİR
Saç Asistanı / Hair Asistant: MUSTAFA AKGÜL
Makyaj Asistanı / Make-up Assistant: BURCU TAŞ