Betina Du Toit

UnframedSeptember 4, 2016
Betina Du Toit

Meet Betina!

If you have the word “creativity” integrated to your work, it’s inevitable that you find yourself immersed in a visual tune. Finding an image that generates an emotional connection amongst visuals that you are forced to see daily is increasingly harder. Just as I was feeling this way, I came across an image by Betine du Toit. It was the epitome of modern, striking, young, unwavering, which is what is expected from fashion photography – with an originality and uniqueness… With the case at hand, I went on a journey within Betina’s photography, coming up with questions while I lost track of time.

“Reality and fantasy are intertwined in our daily lives – and fashion often is an idealistic meeting place of those two worlds.“ says Betina, which is probably why she calls the high-paced fashion photography business “addictive.” Stating that social media created a new approach to photography, Betina’s first choice as an object is the “unrestrainable youth.” She believes that there is so much to look in to in that area.

“If I were to capture one abstract emotion, it would it be regret,” she says.

Now let’s get into her images that speak more than words…


Author: Duygu Bengi