Dj Seinfeld, DJ

PeopleApril 5, 2022
Dj Seinfeld, DJ

How do you describe your sound?

Nostalgic and emotional dance music. 

What are your main inspirations? 

Past and current experiences, daydreaming, and a few other artists such as Burial and Actress. People making beautiful music of any kind will always inspire me. 

How do you use music while delivering your vision?

I try and channel a feeling, either a real one or one that i hope to feel myself. Sometimes it helps to imagine a place and time and imagine what music would fit the scene. 

While creating sounds you are also creating an experience, what do you want people who are listening to your music, to experience?

Because I try and share vulnerable things when i produce, i hope people can feel safe to be vulnerable too. It’s a liberating feeling sometimes. People have often told me how certain songs i made have impacted them while they’re going through some type of trauma, and though i never quite know how to react to it, it means a lot to hear. There is some therapeutic effect in there i guess, which is more than i could ever hope for. 

You are using very emotional voice -notes in some of your songs. Is there any special story behind it?

Well, i think most people have received a call, voicemail or text message that stops them in their tracks. I have too. It forms a little time-bubble almost, and rarely will things go back to being the same after hearing it. I use it sparsely because i feel i don’t want to exploit anything. It has had an impact on my life several times and i feel it’s just an honest reflection of my life to include something similar in my music.

Have you ever been to Istanbul? Which song suits Istanbul the best?

Yes. I have been there a few times! My girlfriend is Turkish so I hope to go there regularly. It’s hard for me to say what song it suits but i remember last time i was there i was listening to “Kid Machine – Lost Discotheque Lovers” a lot. I’ll say that. 

A song that would make you feel nostalgic? 

Omar S – Day

What makes you dance?

Smiles and lots of swing. 

Author: Dilan Günaçtı