Produced by Zorlu PSM and creative producer Based Istanbul, Dijital Stage is a project that interprets cult classic theatre works through a contemporary lens and brings them together with the audience. This week’s sequence, “A Doll’s House” is available on the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel on January 21st at 8 Pm. 

This week’s Digital Stage features Henrik Ibsen’s timeless work “A Doll’s House (Nora).” With the adaptation of the director İbrahim Çiçek who is one of the bravest people of the theatre world, Digital Stage combines sequences of the theater’s cult works with visual storytelling, bringing them to the digital world and providing a modern interpretation of classic works. A Doll’s House, which will be staged this week, stars Nilperi Şahinkaya and Bora Akkaş.

Nora is one of my favorite characters and is also very popular in the theater world. I am even more excited to be able to portray Nora, especially in a country where women are subjected to such physical or psychological violence because she has a very manipulative partner and the women of this country are also victims of manipulation.

Nilperi Şahinkaya

Within the scope of Digital Stage, Henrik Ibsen’s most performed cult play ”A Doll’s House”, is presenting the audience a brand new meaning.

Shedding light on domestic relations in the circumstances of its time, the play expresses a woman’s anxiety about finding her place in society and her discomfort with the pacification of the attitude towards her in a timeless way. The character of Nora shares the depressive mood evoked in her by the conflicts within her, her semi-hysterical attitude towards the minimalized versions of the struggles in life, and its effects within herself. Nilperi Şahinkaya is talking about the increasing rate of manipulation that women are subjected to in our country, while Bora Akkaş prefers to emphasize the timelessness of the sociological dimension of the play.

Looking at the time and the sociology of the society in which the text was written, it was really powerful to see how close things were to where we are now and that almost nothing had changed.

Bora Akkaş

Fearlessly expressing the reflection of the damaged patriarchy of the sociological structure on domestic life, “A Doll’s House” offers the audience a fresh viewing experience by being reinvented with different staging.  

This week’s sequence, “A Doll’s House” is available on the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel on January 21st at 8 Pm.

Written by Henrik Ibsen

Adaptation/Director: İbrahim Çiçek

Videographer: Gizem Kızıl

Cast: Bora Akkaş, Nilperi Şahinkaya

Producer: Duygu Bayram, Zorlu PSM

Creative Producer: Duygu Bengi, Based Istanbul

Executive Producer: Miray Kaya

Scenography – Stage and Costume Design: Ceyda Balaban

Costume Design: Burak Sanuk, Mert Yemenicioğlu

Music: Ömer Sarıgedik

Photography: Burcu Karademi̇r

Light: İbrahim Çiçek

Light Application: Serkan Polat

Project Menager: Levent Dokuzer

Project Coordinator: Gözde Tekay

Video Production: Metehan Öz

Poster Design: Ecem Tungaz

Asistant Director: Helin Demirel

Production Asistants: Eylül Yankın

Hair: Makas

Makeup: Mac

Stage Manager: Yılmaz Çoban

Sound: Uğur Ataseli̇m, Sergen Şi̇mşek

Camera Crew: Can Tengi̇z, Behçet Mert Erbirer

Post Production: Zeynep Torun

Camera Asistants: Mehmet Emin Yücel, Murat Çağlayan

Sound Mix: Sehat Soyaltın, North İstanbul ve Serkan Aykut Kargacı Zorlu PSM

Creative Agency: BI Creative

Bora Akkaş Costume: Beymen, Ayakkabi Dünyasi

Ni̇lperi̇ Şahi̇nkaya Costume: Fi̇dan Şi̇mşek, Sudi̇ Etuz, Faraway