Produced by Zorlu PSM and creative producer Based Istanbul, Dijital Stage is a project that interprets cult classic theatre works through a contemporary lens and brings them together with the audience. This week’s sequence, “Romeo and Juliet” is available on the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel on January 4th at 8 Pm.  

This week’s Digital Stage features one of Shakespeare’s most iconic works, “Romeo and Juliet.” With the adaptation of the director İbrahim Çiçek who is one of the bravest people of the theatre world, Digital Stage combines sequences of the theater’s cult works with visual storytelling, bringing them to the digital world and providing a modern interpretation of classic works. Romeo And Juliet, which will be staged this week, stars Miray Daner and Kerem Arslanoglu.

We have built a more fictional world without abandoning the main idea of the story. Romeo and Juliet here became more playful, more fun, and more active. Our Juliet is also a more dominant character with her feet firmly on the ground.

Miray Daner

Within the scope of Digital Stage, one of Shakespeare’s most performed plays “Romeo and Juliet”, is presenting the audience a brand new meaning.  “Romeo and Juliet”, where forbidden love meets a painful end and family conflicts hinder people from being together, aims to provide us with an alternative viewing experience in digital media. Miray Daner tells us about the dominant character of Juliet, while Kerem Arslanoğlu emphasizes the presence of outdated emotions that have a great impact on the play. 

In fact, the fundamental feeling is the same, love, desire, but of course, our interpretation was more of a contemporary one.  So, similar feelings actually, not very different from each other.

Kerem Arslanoğlu

Showing the desperation left by the destructive structure of a tragic love story fueled by blood feuds, “Romeo and Juliet” offers the audience a fresh viewing experience by being reinvented with different staging.  

Answering the question of “What is love?”, a sequence from Romeo and Juliet is available on the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel.

By William Shakespeare 

Adapted/Directed by: İbrahim Çiçek 

Videographer: Gizem Kızıl

Cast: Kerem Arslanoğlu, Miray Daner

Producer: Duygu Bayram, Zorlu Psm 

Creative Producer: Duygu Bengi, Based Istanbul

 Executive Producer: Miray Kaya

Scenography – Stage and Costume Design: Ceyda Balaban  

Costume Design: Burak Sanuk, Mert Yemecioğlu

Music: Ömer Sarıgedik

  Photography: Burcu Karademir   

Light: Ibrahim Çiçek

 Light Application: Fatih Albayrak

Project Manager: Levent Dokuzer 

Project Coordinator: Gözde Tekay 

Video Production: Metehan Oz 

Production Assistants: Dilşah Niğdeli, Emirhan Türkoğlu

Poster Design: Ecem Tungaz

Assistant Director: Helin Irmak Demirel 

Production Assistant: Eylül Yankın

Hair: Makas

Makeup: Mac, Hüseyin Kaygusuz