Dear Mr. Anderson,

Oh Wes… There are no words to describe the depth of admiration we feel for you. As precious a rarity as your imagination is, your talent enamors us…


Before I should let the train of thought take me to listing all the reasons why we love you, I should touch upon one subject: if there is any excuse to high-five the world and have it high-five you back, we’ll take it. And your work transforms us into a reality where pale pink is our favorite color, sarcasm is our choice of weapon, and inspiration is in a continuous flow from every screen grab.

We’re not your publicist, nor do you need one, which is why our hearts got over the e-mail we received from your team saying that you weren’t doing any press. However, we still do, and will always have, questions we want to ask you: How do you make actors act like real people in such unreal settings? Who has been your favorite character from your movies? Would you want to hang out? The list goes on and on… So if you do decide to do press, just hit reply.

You’ve mentioned you “… don’t think any of us are normal people.” If abnormal looks like you, we’d be more than excited about being weird.

Collage by Damlasu Yasa