Daisuke aka Dimda, is inspired by the things he uses in his daily life and gives new meanings to his current items. He makes handbags from Nike towels, wallets from socks or scarves from Lacoste polos. He creates desired objects by adding his interpretation on many famous brands such as Prada, Fendi and Dior. Daisuke got us on his radar by posting his custom designs on Instagram and we’re looking forward to getting to know him more!

Your favorite to-go outfit?

Recently, I have many outfits in pastel colors. I like oversized clothes and street style.

What is your inspiration while making custom designs?

I often get enlightened by the things I use in my daily life.

Is there anyone that you ask for an advice when it comes to fashion?

In my private life, I often ask my parents about fashion. I can get accurate advice from them. In some cases, I get advice by my friends or by the influencers on Instagram.

Does your style bring out your personality?

Yes, I think style comes from experience and the inspiration I see somewhere. It has a lot to do with my personality.

What’s the next step for your designs?

It is not limited to fashion, but it covers various fields. I want to work with various companies by using my artistic ideas and design items. I’d like to cover various creative fields beyond fashion.

Bags or shoes?


Halter bag or shoulder bag?

Shoulder bag.

Neon colors or pastel colors?


Lines or shapes?


Which custom design are you most proud of?