It’s indisputable that little details require great intelligence and creativity. We cannot contain our excitement when we see designs that make us think that. One of our recent reasons to love Instagram is Alessio’s designs which bring an unusual perspective to daily objects. If you like irony, humor and pop-art, you’ll love Alessio Franceschetto.

Can you tell us about your background?

I’ve always liked drawing and creating things from a young age. School wasn’t for me but I knew I liked being creative. I started a technical course at college doing surveying but dropped out to do something more creative which is when I started my t-shirt brand Müde with my friend. We continued expanding the brand alongside dj-ing in our hometown. At the time I also had a retail job at Paul Smith which is where I started Visual Merchandiser for the shop windows. In 2012 I moved to London for a change – we closed the t-shirt brand and I transferred to the Paul Smith shop in Covent Garden. A job came up to work in the windows visual merchandising team in Paul Smith head office and I went for it. I currently work on the window display team as a Visual Designer where I do window graphics and computer visuals for new layouts and window designs. This has also got me involved in creating videos and cool animated visuals as well as exhibition layouts and new campaign launch projects. I recently started working on my own designs again alongside this which is how I began my latest Instagram account.

What is it exactly about pop-art that gets you excited to create?

I like to use contrasting colours and simple compositions to create my artworks. I love thinking up new witty ideas from ordinary objects to create something clever with the everyday.

What are some of the triggers in your surroundings that urge you to make art?

I’m always looking around me for inspiration. It could be something as simple as an object sitting on my desk which triggers an idea. I always try to look beyond the everyday nature of an object to see how wit and humour can be conveyed in it.

What’s your comment on the relationship between social media and contemporary art?

Instagram has been a great outlet for my work and has helped put me in touch with brands and galleries who are looking to collaborate, as well as art pages who have published me which has been great for exposure. It’s also really inspiring to see what other artists are doing and to share a platform with them.

Can you name some contemporary artists that inspire you the most?

I’m a big fan of Banksy, as well as Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.

What platforms do you follow to stay up to date on the updates of your field?

Mainly Instagram, I do spend a lot of time on it!

What’s exciting for you these days?

I like traveling. Everywhere you go, things are new and different. I love to meet new people and talk to them about their culture. It’s in those trips where I get my dose of design inspirations!