It is clear what some people will grow up to be while they are still in their youth; Ceylan Carmıklı Pekün is one of them. No one expected the then-16 year old, who was not at all lazy to cook for her friends in the middle of the night, to be a financier. Let’s indulge in her flavors.

What are you busy with these days?
Besides catering, I opened a cafe/restaurant called Noon Spoon in 4. Levent, which serves daily food. Believe me when I say that that’s the only thing I’m busy with these days! It’s a MUST to be present at your job when it’s your own company in order to be successful!

What goes with food?
A good conversation with your beloved ones, there is no other way.

What kind of events do you like catering to the most?
House events. Going to somebody’s house, serving the owner as a guest, making them happy and seeing the happiness on their faces at the end of the event. This lets me forget about the bumps on the way no matter how tired I am.

The most delicious food you’ve ever eaten?
I love pasta! The gnocchi with snails that I ate in the restaurant where I worked in Italy was the most perfect dish that I’ve ever tasted, and I still remember it’s flavor!

What is a “classic Ceylan” dish?
I don’t know, I cook everything well! Kidding aside, everybody loves my Melanzane. I also prepare Stracciatella and pasta with cherry tomatoes. People also love that. As for desserts, I guess I make a mean chocolate and caramel Panna Cotta.

How would you spend your time if you didn’t cook for a month?
I’m not sure if I can survive without cooking, but let’s say it happened, I guess I would constantly search for restaurants and taste food. I would go on a vacation, and I would rest in my own house. One misses the latter when they have a restaurant!

Which website do you visit the most?

What is the most important information you’ve learned from social media?
Nothing runs without social media. It is a very strong medium. I learned that if you’re not using social media frequently, people forget about you immediately. In order to advertise your brand, you have to be an active user.

Who would you like to serve in Noon Spoon?
I would love to cook for the successful and famous Chef Mehmet Gurs!

5 ingredients that one should have at their house that will give flavor to any simple dish?
Butter, garlic, muscat, curcuma, pepper, and ginger.