A lot of people have a style change around their 20s due to external factors such as boyfriends, movies, where they live, etc. How did your style change?

I guess this change started at an early age; whatever I’ve got, I can say that I’ve got it from my mother. The change continued as I learned how to better express myself. Vacations, music, and the chaos of İstanbul, the city I live in, also have a big effect of course.

What do you pay attention to when you’re styling something that is not your style?

Although I remember the times when it seemed more difficult, it’s kind of like revealing unknown sides of you, which I guess is why it is more fun. During such times the thing I pay attention to the most is understanding what the customer wants, and reflecting their dream finding middle grounds.

Online or physical shopping?

Although I would have said physical before, since I’ve been the fashion editor of an online shopping site for years, I can say both. I am somewhere between the comfort of online shopping and the sense of touch of physical shopping.

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

At least 5 when we’re shooting, 2-3 when I’m not working.

Movies that inspire you the most because of their styling?

Pierrot le fou, Great Gatsby, A Single Man, The Royal Tenenbaums, Grey Gardens, Clockwork Orange.

A question you’re over hearing about fashion?

Questions that begin with “Now aren’t these fashionable…” Any questions where trend and fashion are mixed…

What kind of styling jobs do you enjoy the most?

Any shoot where I have the space to express myself. Shoots with less rules, without questions, where the whole team can easily express themselves. The shoots where I call my closest photographer friends and ask “What are we doing this week” turn out to be the most enjoyable.

An outfit that could be pointed at as a “Classic Ceren” look, something we’re likely to see you in?

My beanies and socks are famous amongst our friends. Other than those denim jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets I guess. I have more jackets in my closet than anything else… (After socks and beanies!)

What bothers you the most these days?

The fact that we’re all trying to set our lives up, put it in order and somehow try to continue in such a chaotic environment. The love that appears once you really start sharing, even in these days, give hope.