It is too damn fascinating to meet people, even if it is via e-mail, and tag along with their life energy. Candela Novambre was on our radar because of her inspiring lifestyle, however now she’s taken a spot under “man I wish I could be her best friend.” Be ready to instantly feel uplifted.

How has your journey from Argentina to Milan taken off?

My Journey to Argentina from Milano happened 18 years ago. It felt like the biggest adventure. Almost unreal. I was scouted by Alfonso Liguori (at the time he worked at Major Agency) in Argentina, and he brought my twin sister and I for a month of modelling tests in Milano. It went really well so he flew back to Argentina to convince my father to let us travel again to Milano. He promised my father that he would always look after us. That was the first step to my constant travels and love for life. The good news is, it turned out to be wonderful, and Alfonso is still my agent.

You are one of the most influential names on Instagram, and you are far from just about fashion. What urges you to take a picture on a daily basis?

Images just call out to me. I never planned a post or a picture. I still don’t know exactly why, but sometimes an idea comes to my mind about a specific moment so I take the picture of the situation and write down the words. I always use the pictures afterwards when I need to communicate something to myself. My Instagram account is kind of a secret public diary of my days.

What does a Monday look like for you?

Mondays looks exactly like new beginnings; they bring fear and joy along with them. I kind of love Mondays.


What do you do on those days when you’re staring into your closet with a blank expression on your face and the most depressing sentence for a sartorial person pops up in your head: “I have nothing to wear.”?

[She laughs] I love this one ‘cause it’s actually true. However I realized fast that it is all in my head and that it must be something else that is not allowing my imagination to flow. Then I take time for myself. Draw a bath. Drink coffee and smoke a cigarette. Listen to music. And then I place everything in a better perspective… – I have million of things to wear in different ways – let’s get creative!

What is keeping you busy lately?

Lots! My girls Verde and Celeste. New secret projects with Next agency. My Buddhist practice. A new capsule collection with Marella. Estee Laudeer work as their digital ambassador. My video collaboration with Being a girlfriend. Planning my next trip to Paris. Working on Candela to be the best version of herself!

What are some of your favorite destinations for inspiration?

Every trip always brings great inspirations. My favourites are Paris, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and all the secret places that Milan has still to show me.

How does one train their eye in the fashion business when there are so many brands and even more designs to pick from?

I guess you have to go with your instinct and be true to who you are. I don’t follow trends. I keep track of everything that is going on in fashion and then play with them. I am a work in progress; I experiment, I create new shapes that get me enthusiastic. I choose, I change my mind, and then choose again. I mix impossible colours to mix and have fun with that. It all has to be harmonious and elegant in the end. The rest is just a game.

It all has to be harmonious and elegant in the end. The rest is just a game.

What are some of your must visits in Milan? Any exclusive spots that you can share with us?


  • Wait and see, (new brands + vintage + cute objects)
  • The Double J Headquarters Wunderwall
  • Bahama Mamma (perfect manicure + vintage)
  • Hangar Biccoca (art museum)
Dressing up has been a childhood fantasy for many women, and somehow you made that into a part of your lifestyle. What other hobbies do you have that makes you happy?

.I do LOVE cinema. My fantasy is to be a movie critic and watch films all day long. I love to study my Buddhist practice daily. I am really into how people behave, and evolve. I love to analyze facts that happen everyday; even If we don’t notice them, they effect the whole world..I love to create new projects mixing art, people, and images. I like to tell stories that many are not aware of until you tell them. I like to hunt for new talents and introduce people in order to make new ideas happen.

What do you have in your closet that will most likely be in your daughters’ wardrobe 15 years from now?

Everything! My whole closet is about “the girls will use this one day” so I keep them all!