You Can Evolve Unless You Change: Deniz Marşan

LifestyleMarch 13, 2018
You Can Evolve Unless You Change: Deniz Marşan

Deniz Marşan is so self-confident that it’s hard not to be impressed by her. When you’re with her, you’ll encounter the vivid feeling of having overcome things. Thanks to her heightened awareness, our conversation begins in fashion and continues about life.

We believe that you fully enjoy being free. How did you break free of the limitations life puts around us?

Deniz Marşan: I think it’s more like I enjoy life itself. I don’t think anybody is free; we live for a limited number of years in one body. This limits our freedom not to mention intellectual or physical freedom. That much is obvious, even more so if you’re a woman. I try to live as unfiltered as possible. Instead  of finding excuses to be unhappy, I look for and find reasons to be happy. I am surrounded by positive people. I apologize, say thank you and pay compliments. These three are very important because I realize that no one pays compliments anymore. Even if they do, the other party is always ready with excuses like “I’ve put on weight” or “Don’t be ridiculous, my face is swollen!” Just say thank you! Life is easier that way. (Laughs)

How did your upbringing affect your professional life?

Deniz Marşan: We’re two siblings, I have a brother. I grew up in a very loving family, and we never had any boy-girl discriminations. We had equal rights about everything. I’m Deniz and my brother’s name is Yağmur, both are unisex names. First, we should be humans; then we can be man or woman. I don’t distinguish people in my professional life and approach them all with the same level of sincerity. I don’t believe in vertical hierarchy, and feel as if sharing is my calling in life. I believe that my knowledge, ideas and opportunities multiply when I share them.

How did your relationship with fashion begin?

Deniz Marşan: I studied Political Science and International Relations, and was seriously becoming a diplomat. Then I realized that I could not save this country. So I went to Italy. I wanted to study fashion design but didn’t happen so I chose management. I learned a lot about practice which became my philosophy of life – the more you practice something, the better you get at it.

Başak Dizer is at the center of your professional life. Did you set off on this journey thinking “union makes strength”?

Deniz Marşan: Before union, there was the idea. We worked at Bilsar in the same room, always talking and exchanging ideas. Then we decided to provide shopping consultancy. It’s become rather ordinary but there weren’t many shopping consultants a decade ago. We started with our friends, then came TV series and shops, and finally we opened our own showroom.

How do you find a solution when you have a clash of ideas?

Deniz Marşan: We’re both very hasty; we decide something today and do it tomorrow. So, we are very intolerant of slow-paced people. We don’t have clash of ideas that often because we share a common language. We share this excitement and amateur spirit. Başak is never pushy about anything. If she disagrees with you, she still tries to understand your perspective. She find a middle-ground and solves it all. I’m not as patient as her but I’m learning to become a monk. (Laughs)

Can we say that choosing clothes for women is one of the hardest things in the world?

Deniz Marşan: There are very hard jobs in the world and this isn’t about that. So, I find it very funny to add so much meaning to this and blow it out of proportion. Yes, I earn my living with this job. This is the best thing I can do but it’s not the meaning of life. Everyone should have their own style and they do find it in time. But I find it a bid sad when people invest everything they have in clothes and have nothing else. They find happiness in shopping. It’s hard to find clothes for those kinds of people, and that’s one of the reasons I only work for TV shows now because you dress the character not the actor/actress. And I’m lucky to be working with professionals. They’re all very understanding and helpful. It’s not very hard for me because I think it’s fun to find clothes for different characters.

How do you train your fashion eye?

Deniz Marşan: By regarding fashion not as the end but the means.

How do you think a woman finds her own style? Are there any cornerstones?

Deniz Marşan: There are teenage years which we all look at with a smile on our faces. It changes around the 20s, and is almost completed around the 30s. You try many things but after the 30s, you adopt a style or at least know what isn’t your cup of tea.

A false fact about fashion?

Deniz Marşan: That white makes you look fat. Come on. (Laughs) It’s so ingrained that I’ve fought a lot to prove this. It’s the pattern not the color that makes you look fat or thin.


Room+Rumours kendi koleksiyonlarını da çıkarıyor, yaz koleksiyonunuzdan bahseder misin? Bizi neler bekliyor?

Deniz Marşan: We designed very colorful and dynamic pieces for this summer. It’s a very pop collection with colorful bustiers, shiny tights, and floating dresses. Each season, we always have that fun piece that goes with every style.

You also founded a swimsuit brand called “Direct Message,” and this is your third season. How is it going?

Deniz Marşan: Aww, it’s like my kid! (Laughs) It’s going great. I designed more models this year along with kimonos and gauze dresses. They’re still in production and I cannot wait to show them.

 Interview by DUYGU BENGİ
Photography by BURCU KARADEMİR
Author: Duygu Bengi