Brianna Lance lives for music and tells us about the beginning and present with her upcoming album just around the corner.

How were you introduced to music?

When I was little, my mother played piano all the time and she put me in lessons when I was a kid. That was the start.

Tell us about your upcoming album?
I’m really excited for it to come out! It’s a curated album, so I picked 6 artists I admire and wanted to work with. I gave each one a couple of demos of mine, they would take them and sort of remix the songs, then we would give all of that to the mixer Dave Fridmann who would sort of remix it once again. So it’s almost like a game of telephone with each song, but I’m so proud of the way they turned out. My friend described the sound as “Underwater, Sex, Dance Music” and I’m sticking with that as the genre.

Do you write your own music?
Yes I write my own songs. I work with collaborators on the instrumentation but the songs all start with me in my bedroom. I just never really considered doing it any other way.

How do you explain your evolution from fashion to music?
I was always doing both fashion and music. I’ve been in the bands for years, and likewise fashion for years. To me they just seem like two projects I’m always working on, and sometimes one takes a higher priority depending on what your building. I’ve been building this record so right now that gets the most attention.

Your favourite verse from your upcoming album?
Oh wow, that’s a tough question. I guess my favorite is “I’ve got a lot to say, if you just shut up and listen to me for a second” but just because it’s so fun to sing it live.

You are inspired by who…
Nina Simone is my number one always. Her music just has more feeling than anyone else’s. But also for this album I made a huge playlist to get in the mindset of what I wanted to make it has Happy Mondays, Brian Eno, Cut Copy, Deerhunter, Magnetic Fields, etc.

The album you listen to most?
I don’t really listen to albums. I mostly listen to playlist I make based on mood. I like them all to follow one emotion you feel like having. Its my favorite way to experience music.

The song that inspires you the most?
Die Slow by Health remixed by Pictureplane. I think that is one of the most beautiful songs, the other song is Tezeta by Mulatu Astatke, both song blow me away with how magical they feel.