Brandon Patton, Barber

PeopleJune 12, 2017
Brandon Patton, Barber
What kind of a barber culture you want to bring to Istanbul with Frontier Barber?

Frontier Barber is more than just a barbershop, it’s a lifestyle brand. I want the culture at Frontier to signify more than just a chore of getting a haircut, but an important part of a cool successful man’s life. There is an underlying philosophy with Frontier that we are a community of guys that like to push ourselves to the frontier of our own lives, whether professionally or personally. The culture I’ve curated is influenced by the traditional barbershop from NYC in the 1930s. Our culture is about inclusion and diversity, we are a collective of gentlemen that share knowledge, hang out, and enrich each other’s lives.

Which hair style is fashionable nowadays?

I’m not so interested in temporary hairstyle trends. I really prefer the classic, old-school cuts. Cuts like the executive contour or the pompadour are my favorite. They were cool 50 years ago, and they still look great today. But I think every guy should go for a style that he feels represents himself best. Don’t be afraid to try something new either, you never know what looks best on you until you try.

Do you have a nickname?

In barber school in New York, we were all giving each other nick names. Mine became Mr. Red for obvious reasons (Laughs). There aren’t a lot of guys with big red beards out there.

What are the characteristics of a modern gentleman?

The modern gentleman is as diverse as he’s ever been. I think a true gentleman should curate his own personal style, have an interest in culture and travel, and know how to treat other people with respect. A gentleman knows that the world is bigger than he is and he should strive to learn as much about it as he can. A gentleman isn’t afraid to try new things. A gentleman is always growing.

Are there any traditions that you fell in love with here?

That’s easy. First and foremost, çay! Turkish tea is perfect for anytime of day. Second, I love greeting and kissing friends when we say hello. And third, I love a good circle dance at a Turkish wedding, it’s just so much fun!

Your favorite vintage piece?

My favorite vintage item I have is an antique clock from a 19th century British train station. Every time I look it at it makes me feel like I am a man about to board a train headed to a new colony somewhere.

Your favorite districts in Istanbul?

Well my favorite district is Bebek because being by the Bosphorus helps me imagine what Istanbul was like over the centuries, I can feel the timelessness and history. I also like Karaköy and Moda because there are fun things happening there. I like places with a neighborhood vibe.

Author: Based Istanbul