One Step Ahead

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again; it’s easier to dis people rather than appreciating the amount of work they put into their passion, i.e. blogging. You know how you tell a story so many times that you start questioning it’s validity? It’s time to refresh your perception of bloggers. Now.

Fashion blogging used to be looked down upon, getting criticized for being a platform where “people dressed up.” Now, we see the successful ones wriggling themselves out of the bunch by opening up their own businesses, and making good money from it. How did your journey towards the Curated by Gallery begin?

We wanted to bring together cool objects from brands that are doing a great job in terms of quality and branding. We are obsessed with hunting cool products on the internet and we were doing that job on our own; so we thought, why don’t we do it for everyone else?

For those who don’t know, what is the concept behind the Curated by Gallery?

It’s basically an online platform to find refined products: from a nicely designed chair to an elegant swimsuit, or note- book. Everyday there is a new item on the website and so they rotate and disappear after 30 days in order to keep the site clean and updated with the very latest selections. How- ever you can save the items you like in your wishlist, same as you do in Pinterest.

It’s important to have a group of merchandise that can appeal to an audience that don’t only share your taste in fashion. How do you pick objects for Curated by Gallerry?

To be honest, we only do the selection based on our taste and what our friends would like to buy. It’s like an easy way to have a guide of cool products. We are constantly adding new ones because we discover amazing brands everyday thanks to Instagram.

Does your lifestyle adjust to different cities you live in, i.e. London, New York, Milan, etc.? Are you more punk-rock in London and princess-like in Milan, for example?

Of course. When I lived in London I used to have more of a minimal style. Also it depends on your state of mind. The more I grow, the more comfortable I like to get dress.

Which city would you say is the most experimental when it comes to fashion?

It might sound obvious but for me, it’s NYC without a doubt. First of all, because of the variety of cultures and how different people hang out together in the same places. Second of all, because it’s a city in which you need to stand out so peo- ple always try to make a statement. It’s like a constant show.

Would you say your work in photography is more about creativity or being a good observer?

I think it has a little bit of both. But specifically, I think that my eye has been trained. Nowadays anywhere I go, I look for the perfect spot immediately. That’s why it’s hard for me to be concentrated during a conversation!

What is the biggest challenge for you as an artist?

I guess not to repeat myself. I have a super specific way of seeing beauty. Always clean scenes, very minimal spots, un- expressive models, no make up… I love pastel colors or body expressions. Sometimes is hard not to repeat the formula because that’s what your eyes look for.

“I hate standard lives and the conversations they have about what people expect them to be. I think the most amazing thing in this life is that everyone can build up their own legend. “

What do you like to have around you that keep you upbeat and positive?

People who have their owns story. The more I grow, the more interested I am on being surrounded by that kind of people. I hate standard lives and the conversations they have about what people expect them to be. I think the most amazing thing in this life is that everyone can build up their own legend.

What do you pay attention to when taking a picture?

I think everything, but specially the composition.

What has been the most character-revealing job for you as an artist?

I loved the Malababa Campaign I shot with Paloma Wool and also the Malmo Bag Girls shot with Adriana Roslin for a lim- ited edition line of bags I designed for Bucarelli.

What’s next?

Keep enjoying my job. Doing inspiring fashion films. Design- ing an agenda for Curated by Gallery & the most important thing, being happy and proud of what I’ve achieved ‘till today.