Ekrem Aydın’s drawings seem as real as editorial shoots; it enamours us. He says “I’ve been drawing since I can remember,” and begins talking about his biggest inspiration, his mother. “My mother is a tailor; she would always have something on her mind, would draw and saw. I would try to draw the clothing I’ve seen on magazines and newspapers for her.” His drawing journey begins like this and takes over his life.

The education he has received at Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar University regarding fashion design creates a passion for fashion illustrations more so that fashion design. He says “I’ve always looked at what I’ve drawn as oppose to what I’ve designed.” We can see strong opinions on his drawings that are as strong as the style approach of an editorial shoot. His statement “What I want is to pick any piece that I want from a runway show and match it with any character that I want. That is the most fun part of the job for me.” reveals his strong bond with fashion. He underlines that the influence from the traces of his childhood, along with the 90’s and 2000’s style & music, and even the weirdness dominates his point of view. Yes, there must have been a role of the 90’s behind his impeccable street style interpretations. When saying “I would love to collaborate with famous designers on drawing illustrations for their collections,” we say “We’re sure that this dream of yours will become reality in the shortest period,” and we leave you alone with Ekrem’s foresight of the new season.

What will we see the most on the street this season?

Your favorite look from the new season?

Seasons change, yet this never goes out of style…