Although there are several complaints about İstanbul’s night life, the city has a structure that never sleeps, and places that are open if one wishes to go to at any point in the night. What is the problem here?

İstanbul’s night life has a different structure compared to any other city in the world. As much as the places that create these dynamics, it’s also about the people who want to go out and have a good time. That’s why people like to have fun in places they get to know or become familiar with.

Lucca is one of the first places that comes to mind when people want to have a good time, without question. Where does the magic of the place come from?

It comes from a mixture of things coming together at the same time. Lucca provides a different atmosphere throughout the day, creating a place where you can spend all hours of the day.

From the beginning you’ve been a part of Lucca, and became a reason to go there and have evolved into an irreplaceable part of it. What changes have you experienced at Lucca over time?

Music, gastronomy and mixology have evolved immensely in time. Lucca is a place that is successful at both creating trends, adapting to innovations, and accommodating to new waves in the world. 

As someone who has to spend so much time out, what do you do on a night when you’re staying at home?

I love cooking at home. I enjoy cooking, watching movies and shows.

Where do you go to after a long night when you get hungry?


Who do you like listening to? Who’s music makes you happy?

I actually listen to a lot of genres but  I can say that my favourites are Jazz, Funk, Soul and House.

When you have to live long night, days inevitably get shorter, however you also work during the day. What do you do when there is daylight?

Our group has another restaurant, Cantinery… I spend days in meetings, trainings, and evaluations…

What places are there when you go on vacation that you look up to in a sense where night life is at its best?

Since my job entails a lot of going out, I prefer quiet and calm places when I go on vacation. I’m more interested in eating / drinking and resting when I am on holiday.

What is the one question that’s been on your mind lately?

Will everything clear out or will we just get used to it?

The song you need to hear to get in the mood?

Tortured Soul – Enjoy it Now.