The garden of an American suburban home with its regularly mown lawn and well-kept, clear pool can make you feel very close to the perfect. A Nicki Minaj, swinging around with a garden hose that she grasps with her manicured nails with the Fendi logo on and her curvy body that she is very generous about, can open the magical gates of an absolutely not perfect world of excesses. Of course, with the collaboration of Fendi and the provocative frame of Steven Klein…

This collaboration, which you can’t decide which suits each other better, may well be the sprouting of a seed planted by Minaj on the cover of her Chun-Li single in 2018, with the bomber jacket which is covered with the monogram logo of the Italian luxury fashion house and the vintage bikini bottoms. Moreover, “Fendi Prints On”, which Minaj improvised to Chun-Li’s words, named this capsule collection. The collection of 127 pieces, for women, men and children, contains the style elements of rap culture in which Nicki Minaj is unique. The powerful, aggressive and extreme, absolutely original and colourful visual image she offers meets with the Fendi craft. This mouth-watering collaboration of Italian luxury with the American culture is not surprising and the pioneer of the logomania trend, covered with Fendi monogram logos, designs with pop colours such as hot pink or silver, emerge as desirable objects.

The release of her first studio album, Pink Friday, as early as 2010 may be relatively effective in understanding Nicki Minaj’s shocking impact. A successful first album could have created a star effect that would soon flicker. But with the influence of her early teenage years in New York’s notorious neighbourhood, Queens, Minaj has experience in taking solid steps on challenging roads. For, her career is based on a powerful visual world as well as great rap songs. In this visual world, which she builds on the warmest hue of pink, sharpest nails among the longest nails and the fuller curves in the most provocative way is the best. Therefore, the most flamboyant style is the one which screams excess the most… It is not surprising to see her covered in logos from head to toe, but the harmony she achieved with Fendi is definitely eye-catching.

She relates the designs being curve-hugging pieces to her desire for her fans to be happy with their curves. Sharing her body-positive awareness with 106 million Instagram followers is amazing. Just as Fendi is a brand in the luxury category, but the humble parts such as t-shirts, hats or sneakers offered in the collection at more affordable prices and them recommending that you save for a piece if you really want it. She adds that while she was working as a waitress before becoming a famous rap star, she acted the same way, and this is setting an example on not to give up on our passion and we should always strive for it. If there is something as attractive as the passion for fashion or music, it is the inspiring collaborations that nurture that passion. Fendi Prints On is definitely one of them.