Zorlu PSM is starting off the season with a new concept festival, “MIX – An experience between sounds.” The festival invites music enthusiasts to a two-day music marathon between September 30 and October 1. Hosting 25 different musicians/groups for 2 days, it brings various genres of music under one roof to offer each participant a personalized journey between sounds. While the festival brings together the masters of Turkish music with prominent foreign bands, it also aims to create a platform where promising musicians can reach out to a greater audience. Including a record market, flea market, and exhibitions to it’s music marathon, MIX will create a real festival experience.

The highly anticipated Latin American reggae band Che Sudaka and British Oi Va Voi will take stage, joining Büyük Ev Ablukada: Fırtınayt, Sattas, Ceza, Baba Zula, Hey! Douglas, Taksim Trio, Gaye Su Akyol, In Hoodies, Elif Çağlar Quartet, Ayşe Tütüncü & Emre Karabulut Dörtlüsü, Şenay Lambaoğlu Quintet, Luxus, Kolektif İstanbul, Ahmet Ali Arslan, and many other Turkish bands and musicians in the festival.

MIX will also be hosting artists from the Warm Up project in an independent stage by RedBull.com. Young post rock band Help! The Captain Threw Up, neo folk band İdil & Da Poet, the young representative of left-field hip hop OZBİ, psychedelic rock band Ponza, and instrumental rock band Uluru will be meeting their fans.

Reminiscent of a music marathon, MIX will also be hosting concept parties like a Silent Party, and have flea market, record market, and exhibitions to enrich the participants’ “experience between sounds.”

Only days left to MIX, here is all you need to prepare for this alternative music experience set in all corners of Zorlu PSM, and start off your musical journey!


Büyük Ev Ablukada which earned fame with their “Ay Şuram Ağrıyo” concert series gets it’s name from the Turgut Uyar poem of the same name. Turned into the most exciting group of the alternative scene since 2008, Büyük Ev Ablukada has an updated look, Fırtınayt, as they call it, which reminds us of the band’s earlier beats while signaling a shift to a more electronic sound.


Released in 2012, their EP Kasvetli Kutlama grabbed the attention worldwide at the Dior Hommes show last year, showing us that She Past Away is integrated better with their international audience. If you are also into the dark-wave trend this group will meet your expectations.

HEY! DOUGLAS, SEPTEMBER 30 Friday, Main Stage

Hey! Douglas – the project of music producer Yasin Vural, also known as Veyasin from the rap band Mode XL from Ankara. Taking funk and soul songs of the 70s and “polishing it with today’s spirit”, Veyasin also includes secret guests in his sets. Listen to his mixes carefully; you will find your favorite Erkin Koray, Neşet Ertaş or Barış Manço tunes meeting disco rhythms.

CEZA, OCTOBER 1 Saturday, Main Stage

Ceza, a popular name in the Turkish rap scene, has left people talking about his collaborations with names like Sezen Aksu, Mercan Dede, Tech N9ne, and Killa Hakan ever since the release of his first solo album Med-Cezir. He is going strong in the rap world with his latest album Suspus.

The Ringo Jets, SEPTEMBER 30 Friday, Studio

Releasing an album under their name in 2014 after performing at festivals like Glimps in Gent, Primavera in Barcelona, Waves in Vienna, and Les Rencontres Trans Musicales in Rennes, The Ringo Jets have already transcended borders with their music. After releasing their EPs Evil Eye and Quatre, they are now working on their new album.

IN HOODIES, September 30 Friday, Studio

Led by Murat Kılıkçıer, In Hoodies is under the spotlight this year with the release of their first album: A Lunar Manouvre. Produced by Chris Potter, an award-winning producer who has previously worked with bands like The Rolling Stones and U2, the album is a must-discover.

BABA ZULA, OCTOBER 1 Saturday, Studio

Baba Zula brings together the applications of folk music with his unique tunes and lyrics in creating psychedelic vibes. With followers from Japan to Paris, Baba Zula makes truly worldly tracks and draws attention with their unique performances and music they define as “star trek oriental music.”

GAYE SU AKYOL, OCTOBER 1 Saturday, Studio

Grabbing the attention with her modern take on Turkish classical music, Gaye Su Akyol has left her first solo album Develerle Yaşıyorum behind, and is counting down the days for the release of her new album Hologram İmparatorluğu.