Alix Brown and her quest for music perfection, in work and life…

Tell us the beginning in Atlanta? How did it all start?

What was the vibe like? I get the sense you had some “High Fidelity” moments.. I started going to punk and rock n roll shows when I was 13 in Atlanta. That’s how I met the Black Lips, and we kind of took over the city. We played in different bands, booked shows and organized events and parties. No one seemed to care how young we were, just that we were doing cool things for the scene.

When did you decide to move to NYC? What was it like at the beginning? What did you do?
After Atlanta I lived in Memphis for a few years with my boyfriend at the time, Jay Reatard. We had a band a record label called Shattered Records. When we broke up I decided to move to NY. I almost moved to NYC when I was 17, but backed out because I had no money. I finally was ready to do it. My dad was from NY, so I always felt a connection when I would come up to visit when I was a kid. I remember falling in love with its grittiness. My dad actually told me when I moved here that this city would “chew me up and spit me out”. Haha. Look what he knew!

How did you fall into working as a music director for Roxy Hotel?
I started DJing for the hotel 4 years ago after meeting my friend and DJ partner, Tennessee Thomas. She already had a night there, so I joined her. They just recently asked me to take over as Music Director and it’s been going great ! I love listening and discovering new music everyday and compiling them on playlists for everyone to hear.

Tell us about your current work as a Dj? Do you have any upcoming projects?
I initially started DJing just for fun in Atlanta when I was younger. I worked at a few record shops, so I have a huge record collection. When I moved to NYC I just DJayed for fun, and then I started getting more and more gigs. I never thought I could make a living off of it.

Right now I’m working on a discography album from my old band, Angry Angles, which was with Jay Reatard when I was living in Memphis.

Finally, we would like to know your morning routine?
10am – Wake up – look at phone for maybe 15 minutes, text my boyfriend and answer emails and look at what happened last night on Instagram.
10:15 – Jump in the shower.
10:30 – Dry and style my hair (which takes forever)
11:00 – Do yoga with my roommate
11:45 – Put on makeup
12:00 – Decide what I’m wearing today
12:15 – Listen to music, drink some tea, answer more emails, text friends.
12:50 – Walk over to the Roxy Hotel where I work as the music director. I basically just download and listen to music all day and make playlists. Dream job!