In the rising days of Istanbul’s old town Bomonti, another inhabitant of Tarihi Bira Fabrikası will be Başka Sinema. “Açık Havada Başka Sinema” film screenings will take place admission-free in Bomontiada during the summer. As the sweltry days of summer are approaching, these refreshing open-air screenings will save this summer. Film screenings begin on June 22 at 21.30 with 20.000 Days on Earth.

The film is about one of the most interesting artists, culture icon Nick Cave and his 20.000 days as a script writer, composer, singer and songwriter. This 2014 feature-length debut directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard duo tells how Nick Cave songs turn into a live show and it gives place to his memories of names such as Kylie Minogue, Warren Ellis and Ray Winstone.

Screenings will continue with a 2014 film called Pride on June 29 at 21.30. The film deals with the effects of conservative policies of Margaret Thatcher in 1984’s England. The film tells the true story of lesbian and gay activists collaborating with mine workers who were oppressed as much as them in that political environment, and how they overcame political constraints and prejudices.

This open-to-public summer program, organized with the theme of “upbringing” in Bomontiada, will bring various disciplines, platforms and people together. Bomontiada yard will be opened for use to the inhabitants of the city with workshops, live performances, screenings and festivals.