Shaping modern American sportswear in seventy years, GANT celebrates 70 years with seven icons.

The GANT story begins in 1949 with a dream of creating the perfect shirt. Seven decades later the Button-Down Shirt remains a preppy icon. The Button-Down Shirt is tailored by history, refined by heritage, perfect for today and evolving to meet tomorrow.

Historically, the fifties were the time of celebration. After the end of World War II, happiness and the feeling of freedom and social changes were reflected in the dress codes. Socially and economically, the fifties were times of joy, and clothes were a clear representation of it. One of the clearest examples of this, the classic shirts, the form we used in the old period was slightly different from the image, while the 50s when the expanding freedom in the selection of fabrics and tailoring made the change of daily shirts. More comfortable cuts; colorful, geometric and graphics in the 50s were a comfortable and new way of interpreting day clothes. Thus, we know today’s classic men’s shirt, the current form has gained in those
days. And GANT’s button down shirts are the clearest example of this transformation.