A journey starting from playing cello and piano, and now she is playing her sets all around the world. Choosing love in her chaotic world, creating her unique style with all different kinds of music and memories meet with Carlita, a rising star in music world.

You create your own world between different sounds, can you describe this world to us? What is it like to stand behind all these voices?

It is very hard to explain it because I get inspired from a lot of genres and sounds. When I was growing up I played cello and piano, I listened to jazz, blues and Brazilian music at home thanks to my mom. Later on it was more rock and roll during my teenage years. All these influences made me create the sound  I am creating today and what inspires my music.  My world does not stick to one kind of sound, it is a blur of the influences which came into my life until now. It keeps evolving every day.

Do you match your memories to songs in your head? If you were to separate your life into three main parts, what would be the soundtrack of those parts?

Of course I feel like every song has a home. Sound is a very powerful sense that brings you familiar memories. That’s why people like to hear the songs they know :)

⁃ Part 1 – Freed From Desire by Gala

This song is the first song I remember, like ever. The first song I heard that made me wow.  I even remember that year vividly, that’s why I chose it. I recently played this track at a festival, I guess it was a collective memory for everyone at my age

⁃ Part 2 – Wonderwall – Oasis

This was my favorite track until I was 21. I listened to it all through my highschool years. I loved Oasis then,  I still do. Rock and roll has a huge influence on me and it will always have.

⁃ Part 3 – Not Alone – Time

When I played this track at the Garbicz Festival in Poland, it was just pure magic and my music career stepped up in a very unexpected way. The energy was unreal in the booth and around the stage. Everyone was smiling and super happy and it was a couple of minutes that made me realize everything from then would be different.  After the festival I started traveling and performing more. More people recognized me and my music. 

Can you tell us a song you heard when you were little and loved that feels nostalgic now?

REM – losing my religion. Another old rock n roll :)

How would you describe your creative process? Are you more organized or chaotic?

I am very chaotic, even though I would love to be more organized. I grew up as a hyperactive child and I still have a hard time concentrating. Meditation really helps and makes things better for me. I only  create music when I am inspired but I try to stick to deadlines. However, I am not attached to deadlines because I believe everything can change any moment.

When you’re playing are you staying in the moment or are you dreaming?

I definitely dream most of the time and  come back to reality once in a while to check the room. It’s usually the first few hours of reading the crowd and I zone out. I come back to the people to see if everyone is enjoying and understanding the vibe.

If you were to play a special set to an ancient god who would it be?

It would be the God of love Eros. Because every time I have a conflict and I have to decide something, I ask myself what would love do? In the end the answer is always the same. Choose love.  I love what I do, and try to put love  into everything I create,  to my music and sets. So yes, it would be the God of Love.

A question you wanted to answer but has never been asked to you before?

If I didn’t make music what would I like to do? I was recently asked this question and I answered without thinking. I would have loved to be an astronaut, traveling through time and space.