Strong, Attractive and Natural

FashionAugust 31, 2021
Strong, Attractive and Natural

There are many factors for us to feel good and beautiful in our clothes but the one axis they all meet is the sense of belonging.  Not being able to inspire this sense of belonging leads to some kind of discrepancy, even for pieces we love and that fit us well. 

Feeling belonging, coming back, finding strength has been concepts that we so often question. Although the passing of time has distanced human-made pieces from nature, at least in terms of production, we can say for certain that time is not linear. Designs, fashion, the art world, and led by them, our likes and perceptions often tend to return to the past.  In reality, we have a chance to feel a sense of belonging more strongly through these nostalgias.  Even if it’s completely new, every piece that feels like it has something from our essence inevitably makes us feel better. And in the depths of our essence, of course, lies nature.

By adopting a striking, confident and cool female attitude, New Arrivals’ new collection Neo-Amazônia takes us into the depths of our self-reflection with its bold touches. Inspired by the wild jaguars of the Amazon, the sun’s rays hitting the deserts of Bolivia and the flowers growing on the cliffs of South America, Neo-Amazônia strikes a unique balance between natural and splendour. Allowing us to shine from dusk till dawn, this collection is perfect for going back to our roots in an urban setting. 

Author: Based Istanbul