GANT keeps growing by always aiming to take itself a step forward since the day it launched in east coast of USA in 1949, and this year celebrates its 70th birthday! Brand reflects the preppy style of its birth places in designs and also becomes one of the biggest representor of American sport style.

7 decades legacy is born with ‘The Button Down Shirt’ and now GANT celebrates its 70th anniversary with the iconic 7 pieces, including ‘The Club Blazer’, ‘The Chino’, ‘The Pique’, ‘The Heavy Rugger’, ‘GANT Varsity Jacket’ and ‘The Cable Knit’. The way that dividing these 7 pieces into 7 decades for celebration, tells the story of brand. Brand makes reference to 50’s with The Button Down Shirt, to 60’s with The Club Blazer, to 70’s with The Chino Pant, to 80’s with The Pique, to 90’s with The Heavy Rugger, to 00’s with GANT Varsity Jacket and to 10’ with The Cable Knit. The way that motto of ‘Never Stop Learning’ enhances the brand and designs, underlies this success of a lifetime.

With the words “Our curiosity and ‘Never Stop Learning’ motto improved and carried us forward since day one. We as GANT, keep growing and improving by protecting these values and focusing on innovation and sustainability for the next 70 years too.” , CEO Brian Grevy emphasizes that brand will take firm steps forward in the way that built in the beginning of its adventure 70 years ago.