GANT celebrates 70 years of American sportswear with its iconic piece Club Blazer. The timeless style of Club Blazer, the iconic piece of GANT that survived from the 60s to the present, still invites us to dream about the afternoons at the yacht club.

The 60s were the dawn of a new era in political and social turmoil. British rock, American pop, Vietnam War, the civil rights movement and the fight for women’s liberation caused deep divisions in society and the people were embraced with a new understanding of spirituality. In these years, the changes that started to be felt in the 50s for the first time in fashion increased its effect and were renewed to reflect the cultural and social norms.

As the names of James Dean, who influenced everyone in the 50s, replaced by Beatles and Steve McQueen in the ’50s, the long hair, bright colors, paisley, floral, polka dot prints and velvet took their place in men’s fashion. In the classic codes of the period, the molds and the collars were narrowed, jackets was switched to one and two button. Soft colors, simple textures, thin ties are finished with oxford shoes and trench coat. The innovative trend that has survived to the present with these new suits began with the mod trend of these years when the classic teams of the 1950s were gradually replaced by narrower collared jackets.

The iconic GANT blazer, which was born in such a period and is still up-to-date today, still reflects the spirit of the yacht clubs of this period.