Unlimited Power of Beauty: Meriç Aral

With Meriç Aral, we enjoy an effortless but well-groomed look. For those who have not yet met Meriç, here’s a brief summary: She likes coffee, animals and putting on lipstick. She’s been growing her hair and reading Julian Barnes’ Metroland. Meric is very sensitive about skin care. She can’t start or finish the day without cleaning her skin. We can hear you saying, “What about make-up?”. That’s when red lipstick, blushing cheeks and a sweet smile enters the scene. 

“For me, beauty stands for feeling good about yourself.   To be able to say, ‘that’s how I am, and that’s how I like myself’ is beautiful and powerful to me. A person who is themselves, who takes pride in doing so and who stays that way is very beautiful” says Meriç. She simply defines being beautiful as “being imperfect, loving your flaws and to be authentic and sincere” and she gives us some tips on loving who we are. 

Meric doesn’t wear much makeup, but also can’t live without it.  That’s where being able to do the right makeup with the right products enters the scene.  Every woman has products that she can’t live without. Hers are “concealer, blush and lipstick”. When it comes to beauty, Meriç is so sure of herself that her favorite make-up item is something that is very familiar to us; red lipstick.  We are confident that this choice is pretty much related to self-confidence!

Meriç says her beauty secret is to take good care of her skin and stay at peace with it every day but the main secret is her smile! “Abandon the fear of not being liked, be yourself and smile. Claim your freedom to look the way you want to look, make peace with your imperfections and don’t forget your red lipstick at home.”




The Unlimited Power of Beauty: Öykü Baştaş

Redefining the limits of beauty, Öykü Baştaş has been modelling for three years, but her story is a little different. Öykü, who is the first Turkish model to work with high fashion brands all over the world, is majoring in architecture.  In this dynamic that intersects two different disciplines whose aesthetic perception is so elevated, “The concept of beauty is very important to me.  Working on both architecture and modelling, I experience how different definitions of beauty can be”, says Öykü, and adds; “For me, to be beautiful is to be different, to love the things that make us who we are. I don’t believe there is one kind of perfection.” 

“The things that make us different from each other are the details that make us beautiful. Actually, I’m not just talking about physical characteristics. We’re all so much more beautiful when we know who we are, love who we are, and reflect it out!” Taking the aesthetic perception of her life to the highest level, Öykü accepts herself and does not believe in the stereotyped definitions of beauty. 

“My under eye patches and concealer are always with me!” I travel a lot and I don’t get to sleep much. I always handle them somewhere in my bag when looking for something else.” Although Öykü’s daily make-up routine focuses on looking fresher, her first date with make-up dates back to her childhood years. “I love comic book characters. I made myself a costume and painted my face when I was a kid but the official date was at my high school prom where I  put on makeup for the first time.

Öykü’s make-up story, who is very disciplined when it comes to skincare routines, is related to power. “I feel braver without makeup, but who can say no to eye makeup?! Dark eye make-up, eyeliner or a powerful mascara effect!  It definitely boosts my confidence.”

But the most important thing is to love yourself! Join Öykü and “stop what you do to look beautiful to other people and be as comfortable as you feel.”