Is it possible to travel in time? Would you prefer to be in the moment or to get lost in it? We are crossing the question of time; the most efficient word at the age we live in… And this time we have Volkan Önol. ‘ To travel in time, going to the past, thinking about the future and dreaming….’ We are going back to the 70’s with Gant’s 7 decades7 icons collection for the brand’s 70th year anniversary. Since the year of 1949 till now the collection brings back the 7 iconic pieces of the brand.  With his authentic self and his passion to music we are in an inspiring story. With his story fulfilled with music and dreams gives much more meaning into this journey… Enjoy.

First thing comes to your mind when we say 70’s?

The fist thing that comes to my mind with 70’s; wide leg trousers, flowers, Woodstock Festival, identity and Rock’n Roll!

The most iconic legacy 70’s music left behind?

It is kinda of the most important era of music. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and legendary Woodstock Music Festival and many more… It is an era which psychedelic music dominated the music industry. In our country names like Cem Karaca Barış Manço Erkin Koray Selda Bağcan were at a peak globally…

How do you explain the bond between you and music?

Music means family to me. Union and sharing… Coming from a family with musical background and experiencing people gathering around music always impressed me!

To be in the moment or to get lost in time?

To get lost in time. Actually to travel in time… To be able to go to the past, thinking about the future and dreaming in between…

Starring Volkan Önol
Creative Direction by Duygu Bengi
Fashion by Zeynep Şahin
Videography by Cemre Okyay
Thanks to Mr. Cas Hotel