Acting… is one of the fields where you can feel the difference in between dreaming of a profession and actually experiencing it. As Engin Öztürk, changing his direction loud and clear, his calm and self- confident attitude helps him to walk with his dreams side by side instead of leaving them behind. As we were saying goodbye to each other, the fine line in between where do we want to be and where should we stand would be the tracer in our minds… As there are only few days left to the second season of The Protector, the very first Turkish production on Netflix, we leave a decisive afternoon with Engin Öztürk

How do you describe ‘immortality’?
Engin Öztürk: In reality, we are not able to discuss on it right now, and I’m glad we are not. But in words, two aspects are prominent… The first one, yes body will vanish after a while, but there is no limit for the mark you leave behind. And second of all, I see death as a beginning not as an end.
How much Netflix is part of your life?
Engin Öztürk: Its kind of became a habit! It is a platform which can connect so many different people together. It is actually not something personal but yet in some level it became a social habit.
Ceket / Jacket: BOSS, Balıkçı Yaka / Turtleneck: PRADA, Gömlek / Shirt: SAINT LAURENT / BEYMEN, Jean: BURBERRY, Çizme / Boots: PRADA
What do you think on the idea of Netflix creating a platform for actors?
Engin Öztürk: There is this situation that I couldn’t understand throughout my life and I believe I won’t the rest of my life. And it is boundaries… Boundaries in between countries, boundaries in between people… I see Netflix at this end. As it presents the world that we live in as a whole, it makes me feel more special and united as an actor.
As an audience have your watching habits changed as well?
Engin Öztürk: Digital platforms and Netflix made it easier for us to reach what we’d want to see. As it became a luxury to follow foreign productions and watch them ad-free, these platforms also allow us to decide how or when to watch the series non-stop. The way that people watch TV, and everything depends on their choices right now, is the reason behind the changing habits. But of course, being an actor in Turkey, you have to follow up what is happening around you and you have to at least catch up with each and every production, this is something we should not forget.
Ceket / Jacket: BOSS, Balıkçı Yaka / Turtleneck: PRADA Jean: BURBERRY
What excites you lately?
Engin Öztürk: The meaning behind the word ‘new’ is excited on its own. New opportunities, new destinations to go, new places to live, new areas… And now, I’m stepping into a new area. Netflix and those kinds of platforms excite me lately.
What is the specific reason behind the roles you take?
Engin Öztürk: There is no such thing as I play this or that, I consider a project as a whole. The way the story is written, the depth of the character, the crew… These are all essentials that feed each other and make you evaluate the ‘whole’ for the right reasons. My method is; evaluate first and then decide.
Trençkot / Trenchcoat: BURBERRY Balıkçı Yaka: PRADA Jean: DOLCE GABANNA / BEYMEN
Blazer, Balıkçı Yaka / Turtleneck, Gömlek /Shirt: GANT
Do you ever have doubts or dilemmas about transferring the story in the right way?
Engin Öztürk: Is it possible not to? There is saying; no birth, without pain. I just started think less about pain or fear and lighten myself a little.
How do you re-new yourself while you are playing different characters? Could you please tell us, which fields/methods would help you to rest your soul and body?
Engin Öztürk: It actually depends on the character and the field, I’m trying to live his life for a while. But the main thing is to purify… There shouldn’t be any marks left about the past character till’ the next one.
Balıkçı Yaka / Turtleneck, Polo Shirt: GANT
You are taking part of the second season of The Protector, the first Netflix production in Turkey. How was this experience for you?
As much as The Protector targeted the Turkish audience, it was also a global project. As we encountered with a comfort and discipline that we haven’t seen before, it was an enormous experience for me to work in such professional stage. All the crew who worked there was feeling the same excitement, since the story of The Protector just started for me, I am excited than ever.
Trençkot / Trenchcoat, Balıkçı Yaka / Turtleneck, Gömlek / Shirt, Jean: GANT
What differs this project from your other works?
Above all, this is something new and its fiction is anomalous. We added fantastic elements and superheroes on top of the usual drama and romcom in Turkish TV series. It’s not a usual story, it’s kind of a game-changer. In some level it breaks all the known rules in the industry even just the fact that there are 2 different directors involved in the making. And the most importantly the fact that we can get connected with the rest of the world.
Balıkçı Yaka / Turtleneck, Pantolon / Trousers, Ayakkabı / Shoes PRADA
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Story by Duygu Bengi
Photography by Erdi Doğan
Fashion by Burak Sanuk
Grooming by Mustafa Akgül / Önder Tiryaki Studio
Make up: Derya Kanda / Önder Tiryaki Studio
Styling Assistant: Melis Palaoğlu