When it’s all about denim, Levi’s is one of the brands that come up to minds first with no doubt! It is one of the leaders of effortless cool style since 1873, now presents more options to the ones never give up on comfort with additional pieces in its SS 19’ collection.

Waists are getting higher day by day and now we see the way how Levi’s do it. Brand appears with the highest waisted piece ‘Ribcage’, that it ever designed. Ribcage, the one mused by Katherine Hepburn, is the perfect combination of nowadays comfort, street style and 90’s grunge trend! The piece that the modernized version of oversize vintage 501®, offers two different options as regular leg and pleated crop leg. Ribcage tights the body and creates thinner silhouttes with its form and cut. The ‘Unbasic’ theme that reflects the freedom of personal style and ideas, supports the brand’s attitude.

Good news, ‘Engineered Jeans’ are back! The design that we are quite familiar from 90’s, returns in modernized version. Now it is possible to find the ‘it-jean’ for the ones love the vintage pieces and looks. It collaborated with popular models as, 502 Regular Taper and 512 Slim Taper for men and Loose Jean, Slouchy Taper and Reissue Trucker Jacket for women. It is promised to provide comfort with forms and fabrics as well, and it builts a perfect bridge in between now and the past.

‘Engineered Knit’ as the partner of Engineered Jeans joins the club as well. Engineered Jeans Knit Joggers, Knit Shorts, Trucker jackets and t-shirts are put on the market to the men who chase comfort. With the innovational 3D knitting technique fabric scraps and weaving time are decreased, and as this Levi’s® maintains an environmental friendly stance.

Levi’s keeps up with the modern-day trends and reminds its past at the same time with these modernizations.