Last year, Fendi created the platform “F is for” and rolled up its sleeves to improve it with young artists. To celebrate the platform’s second anniversary, the brand carried out a project that brings together six artists from all corners of the world. The project “The Ring of the Future” comprises the word “future” designed in the native language of each artist. We’re very excited about these names who’ll get together for the future and world peace.

Taking place in Rome, the project represents a collective building of future by artists from different cultures and countries with different languages and beliefs. As they
portray their hopes for a free world without borders with yellow, regarded as the world’s most positive color, each artist had their own responsibilities for the project. Gary Stranger undertook the graphics and the general design of the project which he describes as, “I’m used to refine my art to let it be more and more simple. So, my message to the future generations is: less is more. Do not complicate things to achieve your goals, yet enjoy life,” while Hillel Smith used her own background for animated visuals. Of course, their creativity wasn’t limited to these two. Jodae explained the Shamanist symbols by saying, “I want to show the power of painting with Korean traditional contents as in Shamanism.”

Also including Iranian artist Cave, Japanese artist Casper and Hong Kong-based art collective Smile Maker HK, the ring-shaped artwork emphasizes this form as a sign of equality. No matter how different their cultural and professional backgrounds are, the artists got together for a holistic work that signifies world peace.

Hosted by Palazzo Della Civilta, “The Ring of Future” symbolizes the belief that a fearless future can only be achieved by removing cultural barriers and differences and by embracing each other. It keeps us on our toes for Fendi’s future projects!