Netflix’s new production Love 101 exposes all of our high school anxieties about the future.  How close are we to our dreams? Or is it worth making such big plans for life when you think about these pandemic days? There are too many questions to ask. But the biggest question has to be this: Will we ever be this reckless and happy? I mean, were the high school was the golden age of our lives, and we didn’t realize it? We questioned life a lot when we watched Love 101, but each time, we were left with a huge smile on our faces. We ask Mert all the questions that popped on our heads while watching the show and with his attitude of knowing what he wants from life, he allows us to find the truth even though he confronts us with our fears. May you find your own truth, join us!

When is one afraid to love?
When you are hurt by people you love and care about. Every time you love someone, every time you’re attached to someone, you feel like you’re gonna get hurt.  Then someone shows up and teaches you how to love again. Suddenly, the way you look at life changes. When you taste true love, you don’t despair anymore. Let’s not lose hope!

no matter how hard it is, sometimes you have to destroy what you did to make better things.

They say it’s easier to destroy than to build, what do you say? Will you protect what you’ve done with all your power?
It’s always easier to destroy.  A thought that you’ve been thinking about and articulating sentences on for years, can become upside down with a momentary idea.  But you must remember that no matter how hard it is, sometimes you have to destroy what you did to make better things.

How would you describe the right person?
There is no such thing as absolute truth. The truth is variable. Time, place, location, person, ethic, and such, always creates its’s own truth. We just find a middle ground and accept it as true.

Do you believe in dreaming and fighting for them?
Imagining is human nature. The reason that all this happened, from the discovery of fire to now, is because human beings dream. I guess I wouldn’t be here today answering these questions if I wasn’t dreaming. It all starts with a dream and everything is the result of the struggles you have fought relentlessly no matter what life brings to you. What I’m saying is, yes, I’m going to keep dreaming and fighting for them.

How would you define love?
Love is the Achilles heel. You lose your self-respect.

Interview Duygu Bengi
Photography Burcu Karademir