IssuesDecember 1, 2022

Imagine two opposite worlds…
Things you’ve experienced and things you’ve witnessed. Or move onto another dimension; one digital, the other physical. First, believe in yourself, then in the people surrounding you. We are not independent of the world; we need to find a way to balance, to adapt, to continue, to survive against all odds.

And this is a challenge. A hope. This is a state of believing that there’s always a way out.

Return to this moment; hope is an urgency. Repositioning hope as radical action means moving on.

Definitions exist to be questioned but hope exists to be experienced. This is neither a beginning nor an end – this is the journey itself!

All my love goes to those who accompany us through this journey, who share the incredible spirit of being able to stand side by side and not giving up against all odds, the ones who could be us!

Dreaming together, sharing hope… I think disregarding all the “give up”s of the geography we live in and being in the moment is the power of now and it resides in each of us.

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Author: Based Istanbul