Wellness Resort: Canyon Ranch Arrives To Turkey!

NewsJune 7, 2016
Wellness Resort: Canyon Ranch Arrives To Turkey!

Mel Zuckerman’s 50th birthday is not only a turning point for himself, but also for the world. Zuckerman opened Canyon Ranch with the inspiration he got from a wellness center where he went to find solutions for his own health problems. Zuckerman talks about those days when he felt like he was aging rapidly, saying: “I was a 50-year-old, overweight man who worked a lot, moved little and didn’t eat well. The stress and my lifestyle led me to premature aging. During that period, I went to a fitness center in California. I planned on staying for 10 days, but after four weeks, I called my wife and said “You should come here, because I’d like to show you how I want to live the rest of my life.” Once Zuckerman completed these 4 weeks which opened the doors to another world for him, he chose Double U Ranch, an old wellness center from the 60’s in Arizona. Buying this place was the first step for Canyon Ranch. This complex recognized as the best spa center in the United States today, is now opening in Kaplankaya, Turkey. Developed by Capital Partners, as the first part of the Kaplankaya project, Canyon Ranch is preparing to open its doors to its guests on July 1st. It’s founder defines this new facility as “the best Canyon Ranch to be established.” Today, Zuckerman shares the experiences of his own journey of a healthy life under the title “Living Younger Longer” in his seminars. He does not promise a camp period, but clues to enrich your life style.

In this project that will reflect Turkey’s take on a healthy life, the harmony of human body and nature are in the foreground in every step.

Kaplankaya Canyon Ranch project is developed by Carlos Ferrater, architect and company partner of Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB) which designs integrative spaces for the harmony of human body and nature. Based on the philosophy to make personal, unique and permanent architectural buildings, the team aimed to conserve the characters of this area by bringing together elements of topography, vegetation, hillsides reaching the sea and the positioning of the midday sun. On one hand, it protects privacy and an atmosphere to relax, on the other hand, it creates a space that embraces the whole area. Combining Mediterranean intimacy with an Aegean atmosphere; these structures bring together the traditional Turkish approach with Mediterranean architecture through central patios, rooms with uninterrupted horizon and sea views. Each residence has authentic interior designs that create its own world. Ready to open its doors on the 1st of July for it’s guests, Canyon Ranch has a neighborhood of 76 central villas which will be open throughout the year, the first part of the Kaplankaya project developed by Capital partners. Canyon Ranch provides the balance you need for those who choose to lead a healthy life style.

Author: Tutku Çetinkaya