Hide and Seek with Beren Saat

Some people hold you a mirror… A sharp mirror where you face all your fears. And in doing so, you see that their only wish is to make the world a more livable and more honest place. Sometimes, being not too involved with life, staying…

Summer Stories with Serkay Tütüncü

Can a season be made a lifestyle? While we respectfully accompany the cycle of nature to live it, can dreaming of it overcome the impatient feeling of waiting? Is it possible to assimilate Summer into four seasons rather than abandon its feelings and habits that…

Summer Stories with Cüneyt Öztürk

Do all the roads in the summer go south? Despite the rest of the year, what is important is not the destination, it is the journey itself. While the steppe remains behind, the undiscovered bay, the waters that have not been entered is the way…

Summer Stories with Nilperi Şahinkaya

How do you feel when there are so many places yet to discover where the learning happens in between moments, like after a wave passes?  How do you feel when the wind hits your face and experience all your dreams? Summer means the movement of wawe, the…

Sense of Community

How can you put a piece of you to the thing we called life? How different are you when everything look the same? How much do you get affected by the past and the future? We are proud to walk side by side with the…

New Gen w/ Öykü Baştaş

There is no such thing as new, there is no such thing as new... I am in a place in between what life presents and what I give back.. Rushing to places gives the illusion of being late. You are not late, you are just on time! To…

Decisions w/ Engin Öztürk

Acting... is one of the fields where you can feel the difference in between dreaming of a profession and actually experiencing it. As Engin Öztürk, changing his direction loud and clear, his calm and self- confident attitude helps him to walk with his dreams side…

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