Seçkin Özdemir joins to our time travel journey with Gant, and he has no intention to compete with it. He says, “To be timeless is to live without thinking about the effects time has on us.” and he casts aside all the wars he has fought with time. 

How would you describe Istanbul to someone who has never seen it?

It’s a city that lives 24/7, is dynamic, energetic and never-ending in pace. Istanbul has many faces. Underground, ghetto, city life, luxury life, everything.  That’s why Istanbul is a hopeful city, like a lover who is hard to let go. 

Being in the moment or getting caught up with time?

Being in the moment. As much as I can be. Istanbul is a difficult city in this sense. The stress of the traffic, the noise, the crowd, the struggle to stay afloat…

What does defying time mean to you?

Defying time is being timeless; living without thinking about the impact of time. It means to stop fighting it.

What does producing mean to you?

To produce is to exist. The more things we can produce and the more things we contribute to produce, the more we exist. 

How did your acting journey begin?

It began at the Old City Comedy Club in Beyoğlu. I mean, with theater. Then it evolved and transformed into what it is today.  

How would you describe being authentic?

To be yourself. To reflect your own point of view.